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Stranger Saves Frantic Dog From A Hot Car, Then Waits To Confront The Owner

Now that the summer sun is bathing its heat on America, we need to be very careful about leaving living things in our hot cars. Although everyone knows that they should not leave a baby or a dog in a parked car while they run in the store to complete an errand or go to work, people still make the mistake of doing it.

Sometimes it is a complete accident. Perhaps, a person thinks they dropped a baby off a daycare only to park the car in the hot garage and not check on the little one until hours later to find out that the worst thing had happened. While that can be the case with children and babies, with animals, it’s usually a purposeful and intentional decision for the owner to allow the dog to suffer in the sweltering car.

Some dog owners simply do not look at their dogs as creatures with inherent value. They look at them as property that they own. And that’s why they don’t always think to bring the dog out of the car when they run errands or have to park the vehicle for long stretches of time.

During one incident in Albuquerque, Gerasimos Klonis and his girlfriend were eating lunch when they heard the sound of a desperate dog crying nearby. Klonis and his girlfriend quickly realized that the cries were coming from a hot car parked nearby. Without waiting a second, Klonis got up to investigate. He saw the suffering dog clinging to life inside its sweltering car. It was horrible.

Instead of calling 911 immediately, Klonis waited a moment to give the dog’s owner the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps, the person would return in a matter of seconds and rescue the dog from the horrible fate it faced in the sweltering car.

No one showed up to save the dog from the horrible fate. That’s when Klonis did the honorable thing. He called 911 to save the dog from the blistering heat.

While he waited for the emergency workers to arrive, Klonis watched as the dog tried to “dig” its way to freedom. The poor pooch stuck its snout into the tiny crack of the window, desperately trying to free itself from the prison of the hot car.

When first responders did not arrive within 10 minutes, Klonis decided he would take matters into his own hands. Although he had waited as long as his big heart would allow, he still got no pleasure out of destroying the owner’s car. But he would not be able to live with himself if the dog died on his watch. Klonis picked up a crowbar and took it to the car’s window. The man wielded the weapon poorly, shattering the window but requiring stitches and a tetanus shot afterward.

Then he took the dog from the car. And he waited to confront the owner in person. The result was something that happened to be caught in the video below. Watch it because you’ll be pleased at what happened.

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