Strangers Comes to Sister’s Aid To Make Dream For Disabled Brother Come True For Christmas : AWM

Strangers Comes to Sister’s Aid To Make Dream For Disabled Brother Come True For Christmas

With the holiday season in full swing, people are hitting the internet and the stores trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on their list. There are always times when that perfect gift is hard to find due to it being hot and selling out, or because it is discontinued. A woman recently ran into this problem when searching for a specific Tonka toy truck that is no longer being sold in stores. She has been hunting for this truck for a long time, but kept coming up empty.

Cassie Gretschel has spent the last 17 years getting the same toy truck for her brother because it was his favorite toy and the only one he will play with. Her brother, Max, is disabled and is very particular about his toys. The 25-year-old looks forward to every Christmas when his sister gifts him this Tonka truck and Cassie was afraid that this year he would not have it under the tree. So, she did what a lot of people do when they need help and information. She went to the internet to see if she could get some help.

The truck was first manufactured in 2000, and since new toys come out every year, it has since been discontinued and it is no longer something that you can find on store shelves. Cassie tried everything, from eBay to more obscure sites hoping to find this truck every year. She went as far as to put eBay alerts out for this truck so as soon as one becomes available, she can get it and have it ready for Max on Christmas. However, this year was proving to be particularly difficult when it came to finding this specific truck.

This truck has levers that are easy to use for those who are handicapped, and this is why her brother seems to like it so much. He is able to play with all of the features without issue, despite him having scoliosis and cerebral palsy. The bright colors of the truck are also ideal since Max is also visually impaired.

Cassie went as far as trying to make this truck herself, but Max was able to tell the difference, so she had no choice, but to find this Tonka truck somehow. Once she posted about it, the internet was more than ready to help ensure Max has an excellent Christmas.

Lots of strangers offered the trucks they had, and many were prepared to send it for free. However, it is important that Max gets the specific model. Some users on Reddit started to send messages to Tonka asking if they could offer some help. Tonka was ready to step in and make sure that Max had this truck under his tree for Christmas. Tonka plans to send Cassie as many of these trucks as they are able to find so that Max will have one under the tree for years to come.

This just goes to show that love and help are still vast in this world and people are still wanting to do good.