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Strangers Were Making Rude Comments About Her Children. Mom Has The Perfect Response.

Being a mother of one child is hard enough. But for Krechelle Carter, a mother of six, she has her hands full every minute of every day. But not only is she a busy mom with six mouths to feed. She gets a lot of flack from her family and strangers alike because all of her six children are under six years old. And while it is hard to raise these kids, she says the hardest part of being in her position is dealing with the hate she receives from people online and in person.

“What I really struggle with are people’s unwanted opinions,” she says.

Before people jump to conclusions, Carter wants them to know that her children are all fathered by the same man, her husband. And it was never easy for her to start this family. For eighteen months, Carter and her husband tried and tried and tried for her to get pregnant. But it just was not working as she had hoped.

Then it happened. It was magic. And she was beyond excited to be pregnant with her first child. After having a stress-free birth, it was never difficult for her to get pregnant again. And the next four pregnancies happened before they were even trying to get pregnant. It was as if some fertility secret was unlocked and Carter was able to conceive on just one attempt.

The fourth pregnancy happened before she even got her first period following the previous birth. And she was still busily breastfeeding the newborn.

On the fifth baby, her husband was bathing all four children when she walked in behind him and poked him in the back with a positive pregnancy test. He took the news well, given everything that had transpired.

“You’re the strongest woman I know. You’re are a f***ing motherhood rockstar. Our doctor said it was fine. And look at me with the bathing and the bottles and the late nights, babe if anyone’s got this; it’s us.”

Then Carter wrote, “Five was good. Six is Sensational.”

Although she is only twenty-seven, we don’t know if she is done growing her family. She certainly has a few more years left if she wants to have a seventh. And having her children is the primary joy in her life. It is the cruel opinions of others that she wouldn’t mind doing without.

For example, during a chaotic shopping trip when each parent had two babies in a shopping cart and the two eldest running circles around them, a snooty 40-year-old woman had to comment.

“They are not all yours are they?!?!” the smug woman said.

“Yep, sure are; born and bred from my uterus; surprisingly enough my pelvic floor is still fantastic – isn’t it babe.”

The woman has more criticisms to dump on the busy mom.

“Do they all have the same father???!”

“Well we haven’t had them genetically tested, but we’re fairly certain the first four are this guy’s.”

The nosy woman is relentless.

“Do you own a TV?”

“Actually we own three; however who would pass up mind-blowing sex for TV – are you nuts?”

“Is this man your husband?”

“No actually my husband’s at home, he deserves a rest – this is my lover- Fernando.”

Obviously, Carter knows how to handle her haters with charisma.