Street Performer Plays Her Favorite Song, So She Asks If She Can Sing Along. Leaves Crowd Stunned : AWM

Street Performer Plays Her Favorite Song, So She Asks If She Can Sing Along. Leaves Crowd Stunned

When a little girl stepped up to a microphone to sing on the street, onlookers never could have imagined how immensely talented she would be. The video was recorded in 2015 as Amira Willighagen, who won Holland’s Got Talent in 2013, sang with a guitarist on the street. She literally has the voice of an angel, flawless, mature and pure at the young age of 11!

Amira joined guitarist Vincent van Hessen on the street in front of a restaurant to sing “Ave Maria” as people watched and walked by. He strummed along as Amira shared her gift with anyone within earshot and, thanks to YouTube, the world – as the video has had millions of views over the years!

Vincent posted the video, noting in the YouTube description: “I’m a professional musician. I play venues such as clubs, festivals, cruise ships but first and foremost, I predominantly street perform. Street performing gives the artist a direct contact with a crowd of people that willfully chooses to listen and watch a spectacle because the opportunity presents itself, and not because of a pre planned agreement such as attending a concert on any given occasion.”

He continued: “As a street performer, I have the ability to hold a crowd, sometimes up to 300 people at a time, which is very pleasant and it creates an intimacy which manifests itself in a very subtle and unusual way. During the course of this unusual career, I have encountered very interesting moments but also some unpleasant ones, for example: having to deal with drunks, mentally ill people, ‘tough’ adolescents and every now and then, a ‘wannabe’, which is a situation in which random people, come up to me, totally expecting that they can just come over to me and demand they would play a song during one of my street shows, because they are such ‘great’ performers themselves.”

This was not the case with Amira, however, as he shared: “On Sunday June 21st, 2015, a bearded man approached me, while I was singing a medley of Sexual healing/Ave Maria/Blowing in the wind. (Marvin Gaye/J.S. Bach/Bob Dylan). I totally disregarded him and kept singing, because I wasn’t planning to stop a song because someone so much needs the attention at that particular moment, mainly while about 50 other people are enjoying the music. So he waited politely, standing very close to me, and when I finished the medley he said: ‘I have a young star here and she’d like to sing with you’ and my thought was: ‘oh another one of these wannabe’s…’”

Vincent explained that he told the guy that he was busy performing, “but he insisted,” telling the performer: “No mister, she’s awesome, you won’t regret. It’s a once in alifetimee chance, and she’d like to do the ‘Ave Maria’ with you, as you have performed it a minute ago.”

Vincent was stunned by the request but then recognized her from the Dutch TV talent show, explaining, “I was very very impressed and taken aback by her talent to say the least, so my heart thumped, it maybe even stood still for a second, but I knew I will just have to do it now, a ‘do or die’ kind of situation, to perform a song with an ultra talented singer of 11 years old…”

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