For four hundred dollars per week, parents can send their children aged twelve and up to the summer camp hosted by Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture, where the children will learn the “art of drag,” getting to dress up as women with all the hair and makeup they could want to use. In addition to encouraging the male children to dress in drag, the children at the Museum of Pop Culture summer camp will also learn various “hair and makeup techniques” so they can have the skills needed to continue a life dressing in drag for as long as they wish.

Joshua Hancock, a Seattle drag artist, is leading the camp, which is entitled “Summer Camp: the Art of Drag.” The program has run for the past two summers and remains an extremely popular choice for child care for “woke” parents across the Northwestern city of Seattle. The museum where the drag class will be held is famous for holding the world’s largest memorabilia collection for Seattle musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana. The museum also boasts a Sky Church venue, which is shaped like one of Jimi Hendrix’s guitars.

The Art of Drag summer camp describes the program as follows: “Calling all current and future kings and queens! Explore self-expression in MoPOP’s week-long, drag-tastic summer camp! Led by Seattle performer Joshua Hancock, you’ll investigate drag history and work together with local artists to create your own personas. You’ll choose your name, explore hair and makeup techniques, and develop your character’s stage presence. At the end of the week, celebrate your new drag personas with a private showcase!”

Although drag usually consists of men dressing up as women, the summer camp is open to “youth of all gender expressions and identities,” making it an extremely inclusive option for parents of Seattle’s children.

The “Summer Camp: the Art of Drag” will be hosted from August 18 to 22 and costs $370 for those who register before May 31, 2022. But for those who miss the deadline, the price rises to $400 for the drag camp.

A spokesperson for the museum spoke to Fox News about the explorative camp that encourages males to dress as women and parade their persona for a showcase.

“We are proud to offer an opportunity for young people to use drag to explore self-expression through creating characters and performances that express and uplift their unique identities.”

According to the museum website, Hancock has been involved in drag theater for 30 years.

“He believes drag is for everyone. It is more than one thing and can be used to heal and bring joy, sadness, and love to people. He has a Master of Arts from Texas Woman’s University in Theatre and has worked in Ireland, Canada, Mexico, the Czech Republic, and coast to coast in the United States. Joshua bases his drag character Parton on none other than Dolly Parton and uses Parton’s voice to spread love and open minds.”