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Swimming Tarantulas Are Now Starting To Invade The United States

If you live in Texas, this story might be old news to you. But for the rest of the readers who live in other parts of the country, this story might serve as a reason never to visit the great state of Texas ever again. If you’re terrified of spiders, then, we’re sorry, but this article might be the thing of nightmares. And that’s because of the simple fact that Texas is now swimming with tarantulas that – get this – can swim.

Texas residents from across the state have shared images and videos of tarantulas terrorizing them. They’ve found them in their pools, on lakes and ponds, and just about anywhere else where there is standing water. If you leave water in your bathtub long enough, you might be unfortunate enough to find a tarantula swimming along the top of it in a matter of days. It really just depends. But the problem is growing and terrifying locals to no end.

Spiders are one of the things that people fear the most. They’re at the top of the list of people’s greatest fears along with public speaking, snakes, and death. Arachnophobia is no joke. If you or someone you know suffers from it, then you understand how deep-seated this fear of spiders can be. It can cause severe anxiety in a sufferer and make basic tasks all but impossible if they notice a spider nearby. So, now that giant tarantulas are taking over Texas’ standing water, there is really something to worry about.

Because the tarantulas are one of the largest spiders on the planet, it is not one of Texas’ favorite sons. Instead, it is one of the reasons people don’t like Texas. Because of the wildlife that can look and be quite scary, some people prefer to stay inside rather than venture out into the wilderness of the Lone Star State. But now that tarantulas are taking over pools and lakes, there are few other places for people to rest – especially near the water. That can be very bad news for people who are both afraid of spiders and want to cool down in the Texas heat.

There are actually 40 species of tarantula that call the United States home. That is usually a fact that people don’t know because you might assume that all tarantulas are the same. They are not.

While tarantulas are not necessarily dangerous to humans, they are deadly to small creatures. They love turning grasshoppers and beetles into lunch and dinner and go to great lengths to hunt these little critters down. There are even times when tarantulas devour other spiders including their own species. That means these hairy, eight-legged creatures can be cannibals. If you’re not already a sufferer of arachnophobia, that’s a reason to get on board the scared-of-spiders train.

Because tarantulas have the ability to walk on water, they are taking over the waterways of Texas. One recent video from a Texas state park shows you exactly what people are freaking out about.

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