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Teacher Gets Fired After Uploading This “Raunchy” Photo

When a teacher shared a photo of herself, she was fired from her job. However, her students have rushed to her defense, claiming that the selfie that the teacher posted online was not too “provocative.” The students want to support their beloved teacher Lydia Ferguson after the school administration fired her for posting the “raunchy” image online. The teacher simply shared an image of herself online as she was preparing to go out for the night and was escorted out of the building not long afterward.

The image that sparked Ferguson’s termination showed the young teacher sitting on the edge of a bed in a white dress. Anyone who looks at the photo will see that she may have her legs and arms exposed, but it is certainly not raunchy. There’s not even any cleavage showing in the dress.

When the teacher was escorted out of the school for her inappropriate online photo, her students rushed to her defense.

“Miss Ferguson was saying she didn’t think there was anything wrong with the photo. All it was showing was a bit of leg,” one of the students told the Daily Mail.

Another student said, “There is nothing wrong with the photo at all. We think Miss looks lovely.”

Others agreed that “There is nothing wrong with the photo at all. We think Miss [Ferguson] looks lovely.” Students lover her so much they created the ‘Get Miss Ferguson Back” petition to influence people to do the right thing and bring her back to the school.

“She is a brilliant teacher. She is there to help students who have problems like bullying and stuff. She does so much to help us, and we’re so upset she’s been suspended,” another added.

Although the teacher is loved by her students, Sue Carbert, the headteacher, believes that she deserved to be fired for wearing the revealing outfit.

“If we have any concerns about a staff member, this would not be discussed with students,” Carbert said. “We are aware of [rumors], but conclusions are being drawn which have no factual basis.”

Readers on Daily Mail were outraged that Carbert would fire Ferguson over the photos.

“The fact is, if she wasn’t an attractive woman with a good figure, there would be no uproar about this photo. The school has chosen to ‘sexualize’ the image in response to her level of attractiveness. It is in no way inappropriate. Not in the slightest,” one Daily Mail reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“It’s not even a skirt. It’s shorts!! This is ridiculous. Why are they judging a person based on what they wear in their own time?? That’s sad and backward, maybe they’ve done her a favor as I wouldn’t want to work with such small-minded busybodies! Good luck to this lovely lady,” another wrote.

“She’s not allowed her own life outside of school? The picture is not bad whatsoever. These kids see worse on tv every day. It has to be tiring to have to be conservative and professional all day every day. She’s just showing some legs and proud of it,” another added.

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