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Teacher Writes A Note About Her Granddaughter. When She Reads It, She Can’t Control Herself

Little Natasha Fuller was a bright light among the students of Oakfield Elementary School. She lived with her grandmother and was a delight for both students and teachers to be around. But Natasha had a secret that not everyone knew. Although she skipped around the school’s hallways without a care in the world, Natasha had a problem in her life that was slowly killing her.

And when Natasha’s teacher Jodi Schmidt learned that the girl’s health was deteriorating, she was devastated. She never wanted to see any of her students get sick, but to hear that Natasha could die was heart-wrenching.

Natasha was born with a disorder known as prune belly syndrome. The condition causes urinary tract disease and can only be cured with a kidney transplant. While doing to school and doing her best to complete her homework, Natasha also went to dialysis three times each week. And her health was not doing so well. She had renal failure and was in desperate need of a kidney transplant.

While Natasha was only eight years old, she had problems many adults would not be able to handle. But her failing health was not the only issue she had to deal with. Natasha had a twin, but they were separated. Brookelynn lived with their parents in Oklahoma while Natasha lived with her grandparents in Wisconsin. Why? She needed access to specialized care at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Getting a new kidney was extra hard for Natasha. She suffered from infections. And that delayed her ability to receive the transplant. And it also put her life in danger.

But when Jodi Schmidt, Natasha’s teacher, heard about the girl’s health problems, she decided to get tested as a donor match. And she found out she was a match.

Jodi Schmidt invited Natasha and her grandmother to the school where she would reveal the big surprise. In the video below, you can see the moment Jodi tells Natasha and her grandma that she is a match and wants to donate her kidney. Grandma could not believe it. She thought they were going to discuss Natasha’s grades or her absences. She never thought this generous woman wanted to give the girl her kidney. It was a dream come true.

Jodi Schmidt creatively shared the good news. She presented Natasha with a pink box. Inside she had a message that said she wanted to donate her kidney. Because Jodi was willing to give Natasha the gift of a healthy life, she made an impact on her forever.

In the video below from ABC News, you can watch the moment when Jodi surprises Natasha and her grandmother with the news.

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“Bless your soul, miss teacher.”

“Best teacher ever.”

“That warmed my soul.”

“That’s what it’s all about – helping one another. Beautiful. What an amazing woman and teacher.”

“This little girl has learned an INCREDIBLE lesson about generosity that she, in turn, will be able to share her whole life with other people. It literally just keeps passing along.”

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