A four-year-old girl in Tennessee named Anna was excited for her first day of school. Everything was perfect, except for one big thing. Her father had died in a medical emergency while in the line of duty. Her father was a twenty-year veteran detective with the La Vergne Police Department. Anna’s father was Lt. Kevin Stolinsky, and his family lived in Smyrna, Tennessee.

Anna’s father died while in the line of duty nine months before the start of school in November 2021. He suffered from an undisclosed “medical emergency” while on patrol and could not be revived despite the best efforts to bring him back from the dead.

When Anna was getting ready to go to her first day of school at the Lancaster Christian Academy in Smyrna on August 8, 2022, dozens of uniformed police officers showed up at the school parking lot to show their support for Anna since she no longer had a dad to do that for her. These officers, who were former colleagues of the deceased cop, stood in a line and exchanged high-fives with the little girl.

However, the event did not begin at the school. Officers showed up at Anna and her mother’s home and escorted the pair to the Christian school with their motorcycles. Anna was so pleased with the show of support that she had a huge smile on her face and gave each officer a high-five to show that she appreciated what they were doing for her in honor of her father, who died in the line of duty months prior to the start of school.

Lt. Stolinsky died at age forty-four and had been a member of the La Verge Police Department since his first day on the job in 2001. He was promoted to sergeant posthumously to give more honor to his memory for the sake of his loving family.

Locals and fellow police officers considered officer Stolinksy to be an upright citizen who always did his best to help out the local community and enforce the ways of law and order in the state of Tennessee.

“He was one of the best of us,” La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole told the Daily News Journal. “He constantly fought to make things better for others. It wasn’t for himself. He was always fighting for other people, and always trying to make any situation (better), whether it was work or life. Kevin was known and loved in this community. Everyone knew him. He was at every event. He was at the parades. He was at every city event. He wasn’t just a police officer.”

Stolinsky was also a Navy veteran. He was a Seabee and was deployed to Iraq in 2005 and Afghanistan in 2009. He was sent to Africa in 2015 before retiring from his military service in 2016.

Stolinsky is survived by his wife, Casey, and his daughter Anna. He also has a surviving father and brother.