Teen Boys Stay Up Late To Play Video Games. The Next Morning, Mom Finds Their Lifeless Bodies : AWM

Teen Boys Stay Up Late To Play Video Games. The Next Morning, Mom Finds Their Lifeless Bodies

It’s fairly common for teenagers to be curious about experimenting with drugs and alcohol, but in one recent tragedy, an experiment turned out to be deadly. Nineteen-year-old Gunner Bundrick was like any other boy his age…he had his life ahead of him. He enjoyed playing video games, eating, playing sports and hanging out with his friends.

Unfortunately, Bundrick and his friend Jake Morales, got curious about drugs one evening while playing video games and they got their hands on what was expected to be a Percocet. Little did they know, the widely addictive painkiller was laced with fentanyl, a deadly substance that is used to increase the potency of other drugs.

The frightening thing about fentanyl is that there is no safe way to experiment and to show just how powerful it can be, detectives confirmed that a grown adult can die by taking a dose of fentanyl that is the size of two grains of table salt. The drugs tath were found in both Gunner and Jake’s system were made up of 50% fentanyl, causing them to die almost immediately. Both were found dead on the floor the next morning, by Gunner’s mom.

“Gunner has no history of drug use, has never been a “problem child”, was a star athlete, wonderful son and brother and was extremely loved in his community. We don’t know why he decided to take “a pill” that night,” said Gunner’s aunt, Brandi. “The only thing we can assume is that the curiosity of knowing what the “high” is like came into play? Again, we can only assume. His friend also took a pill.”

While the family is suffering a great loss, they want to spread the word to other parents, in hopes of saving their own child’s life. Gunner and Jake were both well-behaved boys, and this could happen to anyone who crosses paths with a pill. Unfortunately, the chance of overdosing on drugs if more common than ever before because everything can be purchased online, and you simply do not know what the drugs are laced with or where they come from. Oftentimes, these drugs are made by strangers in garages and there is no way to tell what is put in them or the strength of the drug.

“I feel it’s important to tell Gunner’s story for 3 reasons: #1- Gunner was an amazing kid who deserved the life he won’t get the chance to live so I owe him his story to be told. #2- I want to clear up any misconceptions and give the facts. #3- Gunner’s story could very well save your child’s life so please, share his story. “THERE CAN BE NO EXPERIMENTING. None. It’s truly a matter of life or death. You can’t see fentanyl. You can’t smell fentanyl. Tell your kids Gunner’s story. Show them his picture. I can’t describe the amount of pain my brother, sister-in-law and Gunner’s sisters are going through- a pain that will NEVER end. A hole that will NEVER be filled. A life that will never be brought back. A beautiful life. Gone forever,” said Brandi.

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