After yet another boring day in high school, friends of sixteen-year-old Gabrielle Ujlaky saw the pretty teen jump into a green pickup truck. That day, March 8, 2020, was the last time anyone saw Gabrielle alive. Her body showed up two days later when it was found fifteen miles from Spring Creek, Nevada near Burner Basin. Although Gabrielle (Brittany) Lynn Ujlaky was reported missing as soon as was possible, police had to trace their steps and found that there was an eyewitness report that the pretty teenager had entered a green Ford F-150 pickup truck in front of the Spring Creek High School in Nevada on that early March day.

When she was reported missing the following day, police launched their hunt for her. Unfortunately, her body showed up two days later near the Burner Basin area.

On Monday, the Elko County Sheriff’s Office announced that they would be investigating the young teen’s death as a potential homicide. However, the police are currently devoid of clues and do not know how to proceed with the investigation. They’re doing everything they can to hunt down the person who might be responsible – like the strange man who drove the green Ford pickup truck.

Although the police have not named any suspects, they said that they do not think that the potential murder poses any great threat to the Nevada community. Although a pretty teen girl was potentially killed in this horrible crime amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the Elko County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t want the people in the nearby community to worry. That’s why they are trying to track everyone down as fast as possible.

The cops first want to talk to every one of Gabrielle’s friends. They also don’t want people talking about the case too much on social media. Instead of enlisting the support of the local community to help lock up a potential child murderer, they’re asking people to stay off social media and not to talk about what happened. That seems like a missed opportunity as a collective approach to finding a potential murderer might be more effective in this case – especially since the teen was seen entering a strange green pickup truck outside of her school.

“We are working around the clock following up on leads and tips,” a police spokesman said.

Readers of Daily Mail felt that it was important to question the police in this handling of this case. Because a little girl was murdered, they want to know why the cops don’t feel that other teens in the area are at risk if this was a possible murder.

“How can the police say there is no need for the public to be worried when they found a dead body and the killer is on the loose?”

“Wow, beautiful girl is gone too soon! Still don’t understand how people could kill and not think twice about it. And get away with it!”

Most people expressed the sympathies for the girl’s family.

What do you think about this horrible situation in Nevada?

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