Teen Is Bullied For Wearing The Same Clothes Every Day. Then Two Football Players Confront Him In The Hall : AWM

Teen Is Bullied For Wearing The Same Clothes Every Day. Then Two Football Players Confront Him In The Hall

Some people have plenty. Some people have little. But just because someone is not blessed with abundance, does not mean they are inadequate. However, one freshman student named Michael Todd quickly learned that just because it may be true in the eyes of God that all humans are equal, teenager bullies are anything but humane in their treatment of other people they deem weak.

Todd was worried about transitioning from middle school to the MLK Prep school in Memphis, Tennessee. As an incoming freshman, he had a lot of stress to deal with – from signing up for all his classes, to organizing his books, and to figure out what he was going to wear to school.

Throughout his first year in high school, Todd was relentlessly bullied. Because he did not have access to much clothing, he was forced to wear the same outfit day after day. It only took this happening a few times before his cruel classmates started to ridicule him over it. Because he may not have as much at home like other children in the school, the bullies lorded this fact over his head, trying to make him feel like a loser. Since their verbal attacks on him and snide jabs were relentless, it worked. He felt terrible and dreaded going to school.

“I really don’t have clothes at home,” he told KTVI. “My mom can’t buy clothes for myself because I’m growing too fast.”

Every parent knows that buying clothes for children can be very frustrating. As soon as you think you have the right size for your kid, they grow out of it before the item was hardly even used. Since Todd’s mother could not afford to go out and buy another wardrobe for her son, he had to wear the same thing again and again for weeks. It was the only outfit that fit him properly. Otherwise, he would have come to school look even more foolish, and the bullies would have gotten even more aggressive.

However, the bullies were put on notice when a football player named Kristopher Graham realized what Todd was going through. With the help of his popular football buddies, Graham led the others to devise a plan that would heroically save Todd from the relentless bullying he was experiencing.

“When I saw people laugh and bully him, I felt like I needed to do something,” Graham told the station.

That’s why Graham contracted his fellow football friend Antwan Garrett, and together they raided their closets. They grabbed all the clothes they no longer needed, which was plenty. Then they donated the brand-new items to Todd, who really needed them.

“I got some brand-new shoes I can give him and a couple of items I could give him too,” said Antwan Garrett.

Because Graham and Garrett were living in abundance, they were able to share their extra clothing with Todd. In the end, the shorts, shoes, and pants really helped the growing boy feel better and get on with school at MLK Prep.

“This is like the second shoes I have on right now. Basically, that’s all,” said Michael Todd.

Because Todd’s story made its way to the national level, people around the state and across the country are also raiding their closets and sending it to the boy in need. Now he has more clothes than he knows what to do with. Because the two footballers stepped up and helped him out, others were inspired to do it too.

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