Teen Who Body Slammed Grandma For Asking Them To Turn Down Music, Just Learned His Fate : AWM

Teen Who Body Slammed Grandma For Asking Them To Turn Down Music, Just Learned His Fate

Times have certainly changed. Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to get away with things because the use of technology allows us to capture almost everything on film. And to make your chances of getting off the hook even more challenging, those videos can be shared all over social media, making a criminal famous in an instant.


One young man learned a major life lesson when he decided to body slam 68-year-old Nancy James at a pool party in North Lauderdale, Florida. For whatever reason, 16-year-old, Leon Balfour Joseph, decided to grab the grandmother and body slam her before dragging her to the pool and throwing her in. Apparently, Jones had gone to the house to complain that the noise was too loud and they needed to quiet down.

While this is an inappropriate thing to do to another person, it’s especially disturbing when it’s being done to a 68-year-old woman who recently underwent hip and heart procedures. Jones was okay after the incident, but she was disappointed in the boy for acting in such a barbaric way, so she pressed charges.

Facing a charge of battery, Joseph came face-to-face with Jones in the courtroom in July.

“What he did was a very cruel thing. Very cruel. Very inhuman,” she told the court, before addressing him directly. “You have so much ahead of you. You’re a young kid. You’ve got college. You got hopes. You got dreams, and you know what, unfortunately, this will follow you, forever.”

Judge Elijah Williams, who was presiding over the case, agreed with Jones and felt that the boy needed to be taught a lesson.

“For the rest of his life when they Google his name, that video is going to pop up, so essentially, he’s a dead man walking,” Williams said.


The boy’s mother was particularly saddened by her son’s behavior and said the following…

“I just want to apologize to you for what my son did. I didn’t raise my child that way.

Jones assured his mother that she didn’t do it and it’s not her fault.

The boy had a chance to read his own apology to Jones…

“I mean this from the bottom of my heart that I had no intention of inflicting any pain or harm on you,” he said.

Jones admitted that she saw the boy as a promising young man, regardless of the stupid thing that he did to her and she accepted a sentence of 200 hours of community service for him. The boy was also punished with a strict 8 p.m. curfew on school days and 6 p.m. on weekends and he was ordered to pay Jones $200 for the cell phone that broke when she got thrown into the pool.

Because Jones was compassionate toward the boy, he was spared jail time, but she didn’t fail to wave a finger at him and reprimand him before she left the courtroom. She made sure to scold him for his actions.

While Joseph got off the hook fairly easy, he will be known forever as the boy who body slammed a grandmother and threw her in the pool because the video quickly went viral and will always be viewable online.