Teen Who Shot A Cop Is Handed KY Lube From Arresting Officer, Told ‘You’ll Need This In Prison’ : AWM

Teen Who Shot A Cop Is Handed KY Lube From Arresting Officer, Told ‘You’ll Need This In Prison’

During a 2016 gunfight, 19-year-old Kevin Rojas shot an officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

When it was time for Rojas to start his lifelong term in prison, the officer, who was doing the undercover work at the time of the shooting, decided to send him off to prison with a little gift. The unidentified officer felt that Rojas may get a lot of use out of the gift while behind bars.

So, what was the much-needed gift?

A bottle of KY lubricant.

If there was a coward that day it was Kevin Rojas. When you shot me, even though you shot me four times, when I returned fire and brought the fight back, you started to run like a coward…That’s all you did, run like a coward. I will take those bullets instead of a fellow officer or innocent bystander,” the officer said.  “I brought a little gift for you. You will need it where you are going.”

The officer pulled the bottle of lotion or KY lubricant out and handed it over to Rojas in a taunt that was designed to be some major payback. Evidently, Rojas had a smirk on his face when he walked into the courtroom but that disappeared as soon as the officer handed him the gag gift.

When asked if he had anything to say to the court, Rojas declined. He also had no witnesses. He did motion for a new trial but that motion was denied. He has thirty days to appeal his case.

Rojas had it coming, considering he certainly didn’t hold back from harming the officer and his son back in March 2016 when the detective pulled him over. While driving his son to school the detective saw Rojas driving erratically so he pulled him over. As soon as Rojas was stopped, the teen got out of his car and started shooting through the windshield of the officer’s vehicle, hitting him in the abdomen, hand, and head. As this was going on, the officer’s son was sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle. Luckily the boy was unharmed even though some of the bullets hit the windshield just inches from where he was sitting.

During the incident, the officer managed to call for backup and by the time he fired back at Rojas, the criminal stole a truck and attempted to flee the scene. He ended up getting shot three times nearly harming other officers who had rushed to the scene to help.

Last Wednesday, Rojas was convicted of one count of attempted manslaughter, one count of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, two counts of aggravated assault, one count of fleeing or attempting to elude police, and one count of grand theft auto. He has been sentenced to a minimum of 25 years before he will be considered for parole.

In the video below you can see the smirk that Rojas gives the officer as he walks into the courtroom.

This situation could’ve ended a lot differently if Rojas had just obeyed the law and got out of the car when asked.