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Teen With Down Syndrome Locked Inside Classroom And Raped By School Staff

If authority figures let power get to their heads, they can commit heinous and disgusting crimes and offenses against humanity. But what happened at a school in South Africa proves that people in power need to check themselves lest they do something that befits the behavior of the devil. In East Rand near Johannesburg, South Africa, school staff locked a 13-year-old boy with Down syndrome in a classroom and proceeded to rape the child.

The violence was only discovered later that day when the child returned home. His mother said that he was acting strangely, quiet, and ashamed of something. When she checked him over, she noticed that he was covered in a strange smell. It was something rancid that she did not recognize. She continued to search for the boy, and eventually, she checked the child’s underwear. When she did, she found that it was covered in blood and semen.

The 13-year-old boy with Down syndrome was attacked by a member of the school staff in an incident that is about as depraved as a human can be.

The mother noticed something strange about the boy as soon as she went to school to pick him up. He was not in his designated area as he always was. She started checking the school grounds, asking the vice principal and other school staff members to help her search. She grew frantic because the search lasted for an entire hour. Only after that did they realize that the 13-year-old boy had been locked in a classroom. Upon a more thorough search of the boy’s person, the concerned mother realized that he had been raped by a member of the school staff.

The sexual assault occurred at a special needs school outside of Johannesburg, South Africa on August 5. When she found evidence of bloodstains and other bodily fluids on his clothes, she was horrified.

“I was frantic when I didn’t find him where I usually pick him up,” the mother told Sowetan Live. “We walked around the school, calling out his name, but he did not respond. I was scared and confused and didn’t know where else I would look for him.”

The mother also met the man who raped her special needs son. At the time, she did not know he had done it, although there were some signs such as a sense of guilt at getting caught. The man had come running, but when he saw it was the victim’s mother, he hesitated.

“He wanted to stop running and panicked then slowed down and got into a walking stride before asking us what was wrong.”

The mother found this all very suspicious.

“The teacher told him that we were looking for a missing boy. He offered to help us find him, saying that my son was probably asleep in one of the classrooms. He went to one classroom and unlocked it. It was strange that my son came out immediately. Not like someone who was asleep. But like someone who had been up and was waiting for the door to be opened. I didn’t pay much attention to it because I was happy to have found him.”

The boy acted happy to see his mother, and only later did mom realize the extent of the assault.

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