Teen’s Rendition Of This Religious Ballad Has Everyone Breaking Down Into Tears : AWM

Teen’s Rendition Of This Religious Ballad Has Everyone Breaking Down Into Tears

Every single one of us has tried to sing at some point in our lives. Whether it’s in traffic on the way to work or when you are alone in the shower, we all love to belt one out every now and then. But for some people, that fun escape can actually turn into something far greater – provided they have real talent to match their ambition.

Mariana Oliveria is just a teenager, but she already works hard every single day to improve her singing abilities. Her efforts have already paid off, as she recently appeared on The Voice Kids in Portugal.

The popular show has introduced many amazing young singers to the world, but Mariana is clearly one of the best as you’ll hear in the video below. For her audition, she decided to sing the ever-popular “Hallelujah.”

“Hallelujah” was originally written by Canadian singer Leonard Cohen back in 1984. The song has become incredibly popular since then with singers and musicians of all genres. The first recording wasn’t very successful, but soon John Cale covered it to greater acclaim. Soon Jeff Buckley covered it as well and the song became a part of popular culture for decades to come.

Oliveira takes the song to a deeper and more soulful level with her deep, haunting voice. The judges are almost brought to tears by the emotion you can clearly hear in her performance. Amazing singers have a way of taking your breath away without you even noticing and Mariana is right there with the best of them.

People don’t usually give kids very much credit, but the truth is that a lot of these kids are very talented and deserve a stage to share their abilities with the world. Shows like this allow us to hear and see amazing young performers that we never would have otherwise and that’s a beautiful thing!

The video of her performance has exceeded 9 million views since it was posted in 2014, and the vast majority of viewers have given it a thumbs up. While there are a lot of talented singers and songwriters today, Mariana definitely has what it takes to keep up with the best of them!

Most competitors on the show choose songs that are easy, to showcase their talent in a straightforward manner. Mariana decided to take everyone’s breath away with this passionate performance and soon she found herself moving on to the next round!

While Mariana hasn’t gone onto making more music, we can only hope that she comes back to her passion after her schooling is over. The Portuguese girl has an incredible voice and it would be a complete waste for her to give up singing.

Some commenters don’t agree, saying that her voice is, “too masculine,” and it “doesn’t fit for her voice.”

Denae Kilgore took it one step further, saying, “this is so bad omg, some parts were okay but overall, no, these judges just liked the song.”

Do you think Mariana has a lovely voice or do you agree with the commenters? Share your opinion with us in the comments!