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Terrorist Who Was “Seeking Asylum” Makes A Dark Promise After The Judge Sentences Him

When an asylum seeker from Afghanistan made it to Amsterdam, he got into the country. Shortly afterward, he was suspected of stabbing two American tourists. The incident was labeled a terrorist attack as the young man, 19-year-old Jawed Santani, vowed he would “strike again.” The attack occurred at Amsterdam’s Central Station on August 31, 2018. Just nine seconds after Santani launched his attack and injured two American tourists, police shot him in the hip and debilitated him.

When Santani finally made it before the judge, the judge asked him if he had anything to say for himself. In response, Santani said: “I will strike again.”

The court in Amsterdam also spoke on behalf of the victims. Both Americans were thirty-eight and had been emotionally scarred for life because of the knife attack.

Santani’s attack was brutal. One of his victims had his spine severed and now relies on a wheelchair to get around. The victim’s lawyer said that the man’s “life is destroyed” because Santani’s attack prevented the man from working. Besides that, he now needs constant care.

While in court, Santani pointed the finger of blame at far-right conservative Dutch MP Geert Wilders and his party the Party for Freedom (PVV) for causing the attack.

In court, Santani, 19, said: “Why did you allow this pig to hold a cartoon competition about our prophet Muhammad?”

Just one day before the terrorist attack, Wilders canceled the cartoon competition because he feared that the offensive challenge could result in a terrorist attack on his Dutch citizens. But instead, his cartoon contest only resulted in the injury of Americans. American tourists were left vulnerable.

Leading up to the attack, Santani shared all his views on social media. He issued numerous threats against Wilders. One video was shared during the trial was found on Santani’s phone. It depicts members of the Taliban singing a song about murdering and burning people who insult the Prophet, Muhammad. Wilders’ cartoon contest certainly qualified.

Santani lives with roommates at the asylum center in the town of Piesport, which is in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. He told his roommates that he planned to travel to Amsterdam so he could “show how Allah takes revenge.”

It is uncertain whether his roommates took his threat of terrorism seriously at the time.

Santani said, “I accept the challenge. If he [MP Wilders] goes somewhere, I will kill him.”

He also said Wilders “is the son of a pig” and “the entire world knows what the Prophet Muhammad was like,” because he brought “a lot of people from darkness to the light, from hell to heaven.”

Santani’s lawyer Simon van der Woude said he filed for asylum from Afghanistan in Germany three years ago.

Van der Woude said: “He went to school there and speaks German relatively well. In Germany, he never committed any crimes and was not known with the police. He is Muslim and visits the mosque regularly. He said that his parents died and that four things are important to him: Allah, Islam, the Quran, and the Prophet Muhammad.”

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