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Texas Jailer Turns Herself In After Police Learn What She Let Prisoners Do To Her

In Texas, one jailer has turned herself in after admitting that she had an ongoing “inappropriate relationship” with one of the inmates. She was part of the Hood County Sheriff’s Office and was abusing her power relationship with the inmate to engage in inappropriate relations with the prisoner. In March, her guilty conscience got the better of her, and she turned herself in to the sheriff’s office and confessed to all her crimes while she was on the job.

Her name is Rebecca Ruth Anderson. She is 23-years-old and has prematurely ended her career in law enforcement because she couldn’t contain herself. Although she worked with the sheriff’s office as a jailer from March 2017 to July 2018, she came forward in March 2019 with a confession that sent her behind bars.

“I am very disappointed over this situation and expect more from my employees,” Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds said in an issued statement. “I do not tolerate employees that break the law and requested the Texas Rangers investigate the allegation that was brought to my attention. As an elected official, I try to be transparent as possible and let the public know what is going on at the Hood County Sheriff’s Office.”

In this instance, the Sheriff’s Office was unknowingly involved in a love triangle between the authority of the department, a jailer, and one of the inmates.

When a warrant was issued for her arrest in March, Anderson turned herself in to the Sheriff’s Office on the 22nd. She was charged with violating the rights of a person in custody, which she allegedly did by abusing her power as a jailer over the inmates. This is a state jail felony that also carries a bond of $5,000, which she may or may not have paid.

Rebecca Ruth Anderson has become somewhat of a social media sensation after the truth about how she abused her power as a jailer came out.

Anderson’s attorney said that she was arrested on the basis of the crime but was not yet charged. The attorney, Bill Walsh, told People that “She was arrested on that basis but hasn’t been charged.”

The Sheriff’s Department launched an investigation into Anderson’s promiscuity because her boyfriend, among other people, called in with the tip. He must have learned about her infidelity and called to report it.

“Something like that happens, it really does disgust me that it went on,” Sheriff Roger Deeds told Fox 4. “And I’m not going to tolerate that, so we turned it over and called in the Rangers right away on it.”

Deeds also added that the inmate that Anderson had sex with was granted “trustee status,” so he was eligible for duties like cooking, cleaning or sewing.

“I’ve got to serve and protect them, feed them 3 meals a day, take care of them and make sure no harm comes of them for any reason,” the sheriff said. “So this should’ve never happened.”

What do you think about this Texas jailer’s crime? Should she receive jail time for abusing her status as a jailer?

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