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The Baby Flower Girl Was Timidly Walking Up The Aisle, But Wait Until She Sees Her Daddy

Back in September, my wife, who is an event planner and cake baker, was hired to coordinate a wedding. The ceremony was held in a small Massachusetts town in the bride’s backyard. They had a beautiful space and had done an excellent job decorating it. My wife hired me to help on the day of the wedding. So it was my responsibility to keep the groom and his groomsmen in check. And that was a tough job. They loved to drink.

But now I’ve gone off on a tangent. Let me get back to my story. So on the day of their wedding, the bride had a big plan to have her toddler be the flower girl. Although the girl had only learned to walk months before, the bride wanted her to waddle down the aisle and toss flowers to either side. It was cute, in theory, but just wasn’t going to work. And on the day of the wedding, the baby got to the top of the aisle and burst into tears. Mom ended up holding her while she got married to the love of her life.

In the video below, you’ll see a similar story play out. The bride and groom decided to use their baby as the flower girl. And when you see her in the clip, your heart will melt. She’s only a little over a year old and is wearing the fluffiest tutu. Everyone in the audience loved to see her. They all knew her already and loved the baby. But seeing her in a role and so much responsibility made them love her even more.

So as she stood at the top of the aisle, guests wondered if she’d make it all the way down to the bride and groom. And against the odds, she did. The baby flower girl walked all the way down until she made it almost to the end.

Then a strange expression came onto her face. And she looked right at the camera, which will probably melt your heart. But what she does next will light up your day.

The baby flower girl saw her daddy up at the altar about to get married. And when she saw her dapper daddy, she knew exactly what to do. He held his arms out to her, and the baby flower girl’s expression completely changed. Her eyes became beacons of light, and her smile went from ear to ear. And when the guests all saw this, they let out a collective awww.

Next, the little girl ran all the way to daddy and into his arms. He lifted her up and planted a beautiful kiss on her soft cheek. Thankfully, this moment was captured on camera so the bride and groom will be able to watch it again and again.

Lots of other people have done the same. The clip has been viewed

Everyone loves the moment when she runs to daddy.

What do you think about how this baby flower girl did her duty?