The Building Burst Into Flames, Then Someone Realized Who Was Trapped On The Second Floor : AWM

The Building Burst Into Flames, Then Someone Realized Who Was Trapped On The Second Floor

Fires are horrifying. When one erupts in your home or place of work, they can make you feel out of control. They can be unpredictable and are always ferocious. With no moral compass, fires will consume anything and destroy everything in its path whether it is good or bad. But just days ago, a fire erupted at a New Jersey dance studio. And when you see the footage, you’ll be utterly horrified. Girls were forced to leap from the second-floor balcony in a desperate attempt to make it down safely.

Flames erupted in the two-story building just before 7 p.m. on Monday evening. And as the girls were practicing dance, they were forced to run to the balcony on the second floor of the building on Old River Road in Edgewater. As you can see in the video, the girls are horrified. Who wouldn’t be? And as the fire approaches their place of safety, they hang from the ledge as Good Samaritans from the surrounding neighborhood approach to help them.

Thankfully someone brought a ladder over to the balcony. But that came later. First, the girls needed to let go of the ledge. And that took some coaxing from the people down below.

Because the fires were licking at their hands, one child knocked the ladder sideways while trying to escape the blaze. And the Good Samaritans needed to put it back up. But it was not easy. The ladders kept falling as the children desperately scrambled to leave the building fire.

Mayor Michael McPartland and a friend were present to watch a police officer and a citizen help save children from the dance studio. And Good Samaritan Ismail Demir was also there helping save lives of the children. His friend Ilker Kesiktas captured the rescue on video and shared it with the media.

“Thank God nobody was dead,” Kesiktas told CBS’s, Valerie Castro. “That was our only concern, little injuries but we care about the lives of those kids.”

Mayor McPartland was overcome with gratitude to the good citizens of Edgewater for helping save children from the fire.

“It was one of the bravest things I’ve seen,” McPartland told reporters. “It was kind of dramatic. They didn’t know what to do — the girls were trapped on the second floor. They escaped due to the bravery of these two guys.”

Police Sargent James Dalton and a Good Samaritan Tony Nehmi also helped. They used a ladder to reach the roof of the first story. They did it to help the girls trapped up there.

“The girl was so scared,” Nehmi said. “Crying, screaming. It was horrible.”

Nehmi and Sgt. Dalton broke a window. And then they started helping the girls out of the dangerous situation. Although they put their lives at risk, they did it for the girls.

“We couldn’t do it quick enough,” Sgt. Dalton said. “Once we got them out they told us they were the last two people in there. Big sigh of relief.”

Although no one perished in the flames, five people were rushed to the hospital. But their injuries were non-life threatening.

The fire is believed to have started on the first floor and then rose to consume the rest of the building.