The Bush Family Mourns The Loss Of One Of Their Beloved Members. Let’s Pray : AWM

The Bush Family Mourns The Loss Of One Of Their Beloved Members. Let’s Pray

Losing a loved one can be a difficult time for anyone. What makes it even more difficult can be the onus on one to tell those around them of the hard time they are going through. This can often lead to awkward and unpleasant situations in which one is forced to come up with sentences that are excruciatingly hard to say, such as, “My uncle has died.” One of the advantages of social media is that it has become easier to share information with many people at once, and to memorialize things that require it.

For instance, now one can upload a picture of their loved one who has passed on and write a short message that lets everyone know the important information. This is what the former television host Billy Bush did this past week as his beloved uncle William Bush passed on to the next life.

In an Instagram post that shared three photos – in fact, two photos and one video – of the late William Bush, Billy shared his feelings about his uncle with the world. William “Buck” Bush passed away on Tuesday, February 27th, and it is clear that Buck and Billy had an incredibly special relationship. Billy’s dad, Jonathan Bush, was the younger brother of Buck, and the two shared a special relationship even before Billy arrived on the scene.

Jonathan cared so much for his older brother – and loved and admired him so much – that he took it upon himself to name his son after his older brother, William. It is common for fathers to name their children after themselves or perhaps their fathers, but to name one’s son after a brother is much less common.

In the photos posted to Instagram by Billy Bush, one can see Jonathan and Buck reclining in chairs in the summer sun. The two look relaxed and happy, and it is heartbreaking to think of the pain Billy must be feeling at the moment. In another photo, Buck sits inside with a granddaughter on the couch beside him. Finally, in the last video posted Buck is playing the guitar and singing.

These were two of Buck’s favorite things to do – playing the guitar and singing for his family was a source of endless happiness to the man, and Billy was proud of him for it. Billy also reveals in the post that Buck was responsible for Billy’s nickname in the family, “Bones,” though he doesn’t reveal the origin or reason for this perplexing nickname.

The message Billy left on the Instagram post is here: “My old man and his younger brother Buck (left). I was named after him…not Buck, William. He nicknamed me Bones. Best uncle ever. Kind, funny, loved to sing and play guitar. Kids loved him. His heart was as big as the ocean. He passed away this evening and is without a doubt in Heaven. RIP Sweet man.”

Billy Bush left The Today Show in 2016 amid controversy over a tape of him and Trump saying crude remarks about women.