Bishop Megan Rohrer made history and was adored by thousands of religious people for being named the first transgender bishop in United States history. However, Rohrer has since been branded a racist, and their historic reign as bishop has come to an end. After they fired a Puerto Rican pastor in a derogatory manner, they were forced to resign from their leadership post at the California church.

Although Rohrer stands accused of an act of racism, they deny wrongdoing and insist that “constant misinformation, bullying, and harassment” led to their resignation and not their behavior.

Rohrer called the police on one of their churchgoers and her child. During the incident, Rohrer was wearing a bulletproof vest in front of their predominantly Latino congregation. They fired the Puerto Rican pastor at the height of an important Hispanic holiday, adding even more insult to injury.

In May 2021, Rohrer was elected bishop of Sierra Pacific Synod, which oversees a congregation of about two hundred souls in an Evangelical Lutheran Church. The church has locations in Northern California and Nevada.

After Rohrer called the cops on her church member, their church community blasted the behavior as “an egregious action, especially when dealing with the vulnerable communities of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.”

Rohrer showed fear for her congregation when she announced the firing of Pastor Nelson Rabell-Gonzalez. She wore a bulletproof vest to the church because she worried that someone might possibly have a gun and shoot her when she revealed the sad news that the popular priest would be losing his job the day before the Feast of the Virgin Guadalupe in December 2021.

When Rohrer announced the termination, they were unknown to the church. This day also coincided with the day when she threatened to call the police on a Latinx congregate and her child.

“The constant misinformation, bullying, and harassment has taken too hard a toll on the Synod I love, my family, and myself,” Rohrer said. “While I am likely strong enough to continue serving as your bishop, I believe I would be a poor role model for my black trans children if I continued in this position.”

Rev. Elizabeth Eaton, the denomination’s lead bishop, was the person who requested Rohrer’s resignation.

“There are issues of broken trust at all levels, from individual members and communities to the broader church, which will need work to repair,” she said in that report.

“I have asked for and accepted Bishop Rohrer’s resignation.”

Rohrer is the first out trans person to be elected a bishop in any mainline denomination in the United States, and their election was hailed as a sign of progress for LGBTQ people within the church. But now, Rohrer will go down in history as the first transgender person to be forced to resign from their post as a result of racism.

What do you think about this story? Do you believe that Rohrer is truly a racist, or do you believe that they were wrongfully accused?

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