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The City Wants This Business To Take Their Flag Down, But The CEO Refuses

When a city in North Carolina complained that an American flag flying over the sight of a business was TOO BIG, the CEO came out to check it out and responded to the complaint by making it clear the sign would stay. As it turned out, the CEO of Camping World decided it was important to address the legal issue regarding the American flag that was considered too big by the city in North Carolina, and as a result, he paid a personal visit to check it out himself.

While the CEO wants to display his American pride, the city in North Carolina wants to limit the size of the flag. As the rule states, flags are not supposed to be larger than 25 feet, but the CEO of Camping World wants his flag to remain at the massive 80 feet long that it currently is.

Statesville limits the size of flags to 25 by 40 feet. But the one that has been called into question tops the scales at a massive 40 by 80 feet. That means this flag is about twice as large as what the city wants to see fluttering in the wind.

Although the city is prepared to dry up their taxpayer dollars to fight to get the large American flag lowered, CEO of Camping World Marcus Lemonis has decided that this is a fight he wants to engage in. He refuses to lower the flag just because it is big and plans to take this one all the way to the Supreme Court if he has to.

“Bottom line is the flag’s not coming down,” Lemonis said. “Give me a reason why this compromised the health, wellness, or safety (of Statesville).”

The people had no good reason except that they wanted the flag to be smaller because it was bigger than the rules stated.

According to the city of Statesville, their team of legislatures is working hard to contact Lemonis about the issue. However, the CEO has been too busy to deal with the flag issue and has not returned their calls, ignoring them because he felt they should focus their time and taxpayer dollars on something more important for the people of the town.

City Manager Ron Smith complained that Lemonis didn’t even tell them that he was coming to Statesville.

“He put a lot of pressure on us, but our uniform development ordinance allows for text amendments at any time,” Mayor Costi Kutteh told WSIC.

Because the flag is being flown against the rules, Lemonis has been fined $50 per day since October. That means he has amassed more than $11,000 in fines that he owes Statesville. Nevertheless, Lemonis refuses to admit he has done anything wrong and refuses to take down his flag.

“It really just comes down to, in my opinion, bureaucrats trying to control the size of something,” he told FOX 46 over the phone.

Because he keeps flying the flag, the city filed a lawsuit against Camping World.

What do you think about this North Carolina’s city’s decision to fight the flag?

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