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The Dad Of The “Affluenza” Teen Is Now Getting In Trouble With The Law

The apple does not fall far from the tree. Four years after his son murdered four people by smashing his truck into them while driving drunk, the dad of the “affluenza” teen has been arrested and charged with assault. You probably remember Ethan Couch, the murderous teenager who got behind the wheel of a car while drunk, who drove his speeding truck into four people, murdering them on impact back in 2013 when he was just sixteen.

Because Ethan Couch came from a “good family,” he was charged with just intoxication manslaughter and assault, despite murdering four innocent lives. He was sentenced to ten years probation but served only two. A psychologist during the trial famously said that the entitled Ethan Couch suffered from “affluenza” because of his entitled Texas upbringing.

Now the entitled killer’s father has proven that Ethan did not grow up in a “good family” after all. Over the summer, Frederick Couch was arrested for grabbing his girlfriend, Brandi Gober, by her throat and threatening to murder her. Police joined the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the assault and charged Couch with “assault of a house member by impeding her breath.”

Following his son’s mishap, Couch has racked up a string of crimes, proving that the “affluenza” teen grew up with a father with a criminal mind. Couch was arrested and sentenced to a year of probation in 2016 for impersonating a police officer in North Richland Hills. While there certainly seems to be nothing “good” about the Couch family, they do know how to exploit their “affluenza” and get away with crimes.

Back when Ethan Couch was on trial for killing four innocent people with his red Ford F-350 truck – paralyzing a passenger in his own vehicle – Judge Jean Hudson accepted psychologist G. Dick Miller’s term “affluenza,” allowing that Ethan never knew right from wrong because his parents did not raise him with enough boundaries. In other words, he was an entitled brat who never got disciplined.

According to Miller, Ethan’s parents Fred and Tonya Couch “strongly enable” their son’s evil behavior. With this ludicrous defense, the attorneys convinced the judge to let Ethan off easy, shifting blame to his parents rather than the drunk teen who got behind the wheel of the car and killed four people and paralyzed another.

A judge in Fort Worth gave Ethan tens years of probation so long as he abstains from drinking. But a video of the teen playing beer pong was posted shortly after the slaying, which caused Ethan and his mother Tonya to flee Texas for Mexico. Tonya stole $30,000 from the joint account she shared with her husband Fred and called him to say she’d never see them again. Then she drove Ethan 1,200 miles to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where they lived in a resort apartment. They were soon arrested after they ordered Domino’s pizza and their cellphone was tracked.

While Fred has been arrested for assaulting his new girlfriend, Tonya awaits trial for helping her criminal son flee the country.

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