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The Doctor Had Questions After Finding 8 Spoons, 2 Screwdrivers, And More In His Stomach

When a 35-year-old complained about pain in his abdomen. The doctors found something rather alarming when they got down to the nitty-gritty. Inside the insides of this person, the doctors pulled out a knife, eight spoons, screwdrivers, toothbrushes, and a metal bar. These items were inside the stomach of this person living in India, who did not know how the pain had started in his stomach.

Not only was the man suffering from stomach pain, but the man also had a psychiatric disorder, which might have contributed to the fact that he was ingesting these metal items. But things got so bad when the knife he had eaten not only got stuck inside his stomach – it punctured the lining of his stomach and caused severe pain. When doctors started doing a closer exam of the man’s tummy, they found an alarming amount of silverware in there. They found eight spoons as well as the destructive knife that was inside his stomach.

The man was only thirty-five years old but had enough junk in his gut that it makes the story even more bizarre. He admitted that he was suffering from severe pain and had stabbed a hole through the lining in his stomach and was experiencing the pain that resulted from the injury.

Because the man had this strange eating habit – of consuming metal spoons and knives – the doctors believe that was a symptom of a psychiatric disorder. Thankfully, the man was brought to the emergency room where they were able to find the knife that was puncturing the lining of his stomach. They also found two screwdrivers in his stomach, which they removed in order to save the man’s life as he was in danger since the lining of his stomach had gotten punctured.

Doctors were alarmed to see all the metal items inside the man’s stomach. Because he had eaten these spoons and knives and such, it caused severe damage, which will hopefully be able to heal eventually. If the man gets psychological treatment, then hopefully the doctors and deals with the issue that caused him to ingest all spoons and knives in the first place.

Not only were the metal cutlery found in the guy’s gut, but they were also covered in food particles. That meant that the man must have eaten the spoons and knives when he was done taking a bite of whatever it was that they were carrying from his plate to his mouth.

Because this man obviously was not right in his head – no one would be in order to eat the metal spoons and knives. Because he needs to get treatment so the doctors and deal with the underlying cause of the problem, the young man can hopefully get help from the doctors and deal with the problem that is causing the psychological problem.

Because the young man consumed so much cutlery, it punctured his stomach and caused severe pain.

What do you think about how this man ate his spoons and knives? Do you think he had a mental health problem?

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