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The Dog Who Waited For Its Owner In The Freezing Cold For Six Months Just Got Good News

An abandoned dog who endured freezing cold temperatures while waiting in hopes of his owner returning finally got a very warm and loving forever home. His journey is heartbreaking, as the dog was abandoned at a Siberian bus stop, where he waited for six months for his master to come back for him. The owner never returned.

People were unable to get him to leave the area and when the temperatures dipped very low, the dog continued to stay at the bus stop, getting excited when gray cars passed by.

Local farmer Sabyrgali Baysagurov attempted to catch the dog, but failed, saying: “This is such a faithful dog, we think his unknown master had a grey car. He would chase only cars with this color hoping to find his owner.”

While the dog was abandoned in the summer when the climate was warm, as the temperatures dipped, the dog, who was named Hachiko, never gave up hope. Concerned locals would leave food for the dog so that he wouldn’t go hungry.

Side note: the dog is named after the Japanese pet that waited for more than nine years for its owner who had died.

Many villagers attempted to remove the animal and bring him home with them and when he wouldn’t go, they brought him food. In the fall, they even put a kennel to keep the anima protected from the cold. The dog preferred to lay in some straw that local retirees provided so that he could watch the cars pass by.

The conditions eventually got so bad that the food that was left for the dog would freeze before he could eat it.

When news of the dog’s story spread, a group of animal rescuers drove 250 miles to save the dog from conditions that he certainly could not live through.

One of the volunteers, Alexey, explained: “We read about the dog and came to rescue him the next day. He did not trust us, and did not want to come close.”

They didn’t give up, however, as Alexey noted: “We tried many options, but after playing a ‘catch me’ game my colleague Irina managed to throw a blanket over the dog and we took it into the car. We warmed him up, he became much more friendly.”

Irina added: “I simply admire this dog, his faithfulness. It is not what you always see with people.”

Hachiko now has a new home, rooming with a St. Bernard named Beethoven and cats Marusya and Ivan Ivanovich. He’s said to be “doing well” and is very happy in his new home.

While many people who left comments on the Daily Mail’s coverage of this story were outraged by the dog’s owner abandoning the pet, one person offered this helpful reminder: “So many domestic animals are abandoned across the world, some when they get old and with chronic health issues, some just newborns. Please donate to some of the smaller shelters in your area who end up taking in the most vulnerable and need costly vet care.”

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