The Father Who Forced His Kids To Do Pushups As Punishment Is Now Facing Child Abuse Charges : AWM

The Father Who Forced His Kids To Do Pushups As Punishment Is Now Facing Child Abuse Charges

A Kentucky father who forced his young children to endure physical challenges so extreme that they ended up with injuries has been charged with first-degree child abuse. James Pal Kidwell allegedly made his 11-year-old and 13-year-old children do push-ups continuously for 30-minutes and eat soap. One of the children was left with rug burns on his body as a result of the physical challenge.

Since both children are young, this type of workout also puts pressure on their growing limbs, which can be dangerous.

Additionally, Kidwell allegedly punished the kids by making them stand two steps from a wall and lean against it using only their foreheads for half an hour. The children were said to have broken the house rules and talked back to their father.

Kidwell also allegedly punched his son’s chest, leaving a bruise. One son noted that he developed a sore in his mouth from eating soap.

According to reports, the incidents happened over the course of five days. Kidwell was arrested by the Mount Vernon Police Department and is being held in Rockcastle County Detention Center on $10,000 bond.

Among the many comments left on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the story was one person who shared this wasn’t too out of the ordinary for their upbringing. They shared: “When I was growing up, this was considered ‘properly raising your sons.’ Except for ‘punching in the chest,’ albeit I have been pushed hard enough to hit the wall (I deserved it). Then again, I have never been bruised either.”

Another commenter responded: “Where the heck did you grow up? That is not proper raising. I agree kids these days are not being disciplined but discipline should not involve physical touching. Take their phones, tvs and other privileges.”

On social media, people had plenty to say about the abuse charges as well, with one person noting this opinion: “I don’t agree with the punch in the chest or eating soap, but I did have to bite into a bar of soap a few times and it cured my mouth real fast. I got spanked with a belt and had to stand in corners. That’s what is wrong with society today… everything is child abuse.”

Another commenter noted: “Wtf? This isn’t child abuse, this is old school discipline and this is part of what’s wrong with today’s youth having no respect for anyone or anything because parents either don’t discipline their children because they both have to work to survive or you can’t because you’ll get locked up.”

One person shared: “Today’s youth are so mouthy and disrespectful it’s unreal. Not all of course, but an unfortunate amount. Parents are so afraid to get turned in for things that actually help to mold their kids into respectful adults. Yes, those that DO cross the line into the abuse category should be punished. But making a kid do push-ups? Poor thing! With that thinking, any youth coach that warms their team up with a half hour of pushups/sit-ups/sprints, etc. should be punished as well!”

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