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The First Surviving Septuplets Just Made Headlines Again 20 Years After Their Initial Fame

Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey attracted a lot of attention back in 1997. When Bobbi got pregnant, she quickly learned that this pregnancy would not be like anything ever before it. The McCaugheys, who live in Iowa, already had a daughter, and they wanted to give her a sibling. And although they tried to get pregnancy, they just could not do it by themselves.

They sought help from medical professionals and turned to fertility treatments. But the results worked much better than expected. And Bobbi was pregnant with seven babies instead of one.

As the McCaugheys laid plans to prepare to become a family of ten, Bobbi tried to remain healthy and strong. Being pregnant is hard enough, but having seven children inside her needing her support took its toll. By the end, she must have been happy to give birth.

Bobbi gave birth to four boys and three girls on November 19, 1997. They were nine weeks early, but they were all healthy. But they needed care. The septuplets were between two and three pounds and were kept under constant supervision.

But the doctors were not the only ones interested in keeping their eyes on the septuplets. The media was excited to meet them. Because these were the first set of surviving septuplets ever, they were thrust into the international spotlight.

The family conducted interviews and appeared on television shows.

During an appearance on the Today Show Bobbi spoke about life. She said, “I think early on we had so much help from family and friends. If there was anything we needed, there was always someone there who was willing to help us. We have a super strong support system. We have a super strong faith that has been the rock that we have had to stand on.”

People offered to help. The babies were even gifted college scholarships when they were still in their diapers.

But as the children got older, the world started to forget about them. Then they just started living a normal life in Iowa.

At least they were until last year. When the septuplets turned 20, the world started to pay attention again.

Since their years of fame as young ones, four of the septuplets are going to the private college Hannibal-LaGrande University on a full scholarship. Those lucky ones are Nathan, Joel, Natalie, and Kelsey. Alexis is going to Des Moines Area Community College, and Brandon has volunteered for the United States Army.

Because they are now on their way into the adult world, the media wants to see them again. It’s been twenty years since their birth.

Although the young adults are taking charge of their life, the burden of responsibility still weighs heavily on parents Kenny and Bobbi.

Kenny told NBC News, “We were taught if we want something, we have to work for it.”

And now the parents want the septuplets to move out on their own. But as any parent of a young adult knows, this can be harder to achieve than might be assumed.

What do you think about these septuplets twenty years into their lives?