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The Fit Mom Who Called Overweight Mothers “Lazy” Looks Completely Different

Maria Kang is a mother of three. When she gave birth to her youngest son, she felt very good about her body. She had worked out extremely hard and ate a strict diet. That’s why she decided to snap a photo of herself in workout gear and post it on social media along with a comment to “motivate” other moms to kick themselves into high gear.

In the photo, Kang shows herself in a two-piece bikini as she stands beside her dazed-looking son. She labels the boy as being just eight-months-old, which indicates that she has been able to achieve her hot mom bod in just under one year since giving birth to the boy.

Because of all her success, Maria Kang became known as “Fit Mom.” And she challenged other moms to get their bodies in shape just like her. Along with the photo of herself beside her children, she wrote the caption, “What’s your excuse?”

Kang billed herself as a no-nonsense type of person. During her social media appearance, she became a controversy since she inadvertently called fat moms lazy.

Since she became a sensation, she used her influence to launch a business. But she struggled with balancing all aspects of things. Because she had to be a mom, wife, and a business owner, things were not as easy as they were when she shared that initial picture shaming other moms for their bodies.

One thing bothered Kang for years. She had breast implants and wanted to tell people that she was promoting a false standard of beauty. She was only able to achieve her look because she had her breast artificially enhanced.

However, her breast implants became a health problem. She had to have them removed.

“I’m sorry. I don’t like regrets, but I have a few in life. As I look at my scarred, numb and deflated breasts today, I regret ever thinking they weren’t good enough. I fell into the insecurity trap. I remember the day I made the decision to augment my breasts clearly. I didn’t research. I never thought about needing or wanting it before. But, when I was told, it was something I ‘had’ to do to win – I did it without question. A part of me died that day for years after I struggled with binge eating, Bulimia, Body Dysmorphia, and Depression. I felt disconnected in the objectification of my body. While uncomfortable, it took years to remove them…I became pregnant multiple times, built businesses, and traveled often. Those are all Excuses, though. The truth is, I was still scared and insecure.”

In the seven years since she posted her controversial photo about other moms’ “excuses,” she has learned a lot. She’s gained weight and battled mental health issues.

She has learned that no one should be expected to look “perfect.”

“It was important for me because I always tell women to celebrate their bodies,” Kang told People. “Regardless, if we have some cellulite, extra weight, extra skin, or extra scars – be proud, because we are constantly progressing, transforming, and aging! This is our temple, so take care of it!”

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