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The Forklift Driver Made One Wrong Move, And Now Everyone’s Day Is Ruined

It’s funny how bad luck can come out of nowhere and derail all of your plans. Perhaps, you have everything figured out perfectly, and then your car gets a flat tire. Or maybe you’re ready for a romantic dinner with your spouse at your favorite restaurant when they unexpected close because of an emergency situation. Bad luck can come out of nowhere, but few consequences are as dire – and hilarious to watch – as what happens when this warehouse forklift driver forgets how to operate the machine.

In the video, you’ll watch an “experienced” forklift driver passing through aisle after aisle of goods in a distribution warehouse. But as the driver made his way to the end of the lane, he took a sudden turn left, which was a huge mistake. One with dire consequences that probably cost him his job if not a lawsuit.

When the “experienced” forklift driver took the left turn, he bumped into a pile of wooden pallets. In a matter of moments, the entire warehouse began to collapse. It was as if the building was a house of cards and the forklift driver just crashed into it with a semi-truck. Before long, the forklift is buried under a pile of cardboard boxes.

The footage was originally filmed last year. The video first appeared online this Sunday. It is unclear if the forklift driver was injured during the accident or if he lost his job. But the video certainly made great fodder among all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday advertisements bombarding American consumers these past days.

The video has gotten quite a bit of play online since it was published over the weekend. And the Daily Mail is asking the public for insight into where the clip was filmed.

After the forklift driver crashes the vehicle, the warehouse begins to topple. Before long the entire warehouse has crashed down on top of the driver and the forklift. And by the end of the disastrous clip, the forklift and its driver are no longer visible under the chaos. While the entire right side of the warehouse had fallen like a house of cards, the left side is remarkably untouched. Despite the utter collapse of the entire building, the other half of it still stood.

Because the video was very dramatic, viewers flocked to it by the thousands.

Many people left comments online. The following were featured across the internet:

“Clean up on aisle 6… 7… 8…”

“Roll of paper towels, dust mop and pan, and as good as new to me.”

One person observed that the problem did not really start with the forklift driver. If the warehouse had been designed to be more stable, it would not have toppled as quickly as it did in the video. That is a reasonable observation. One simple mistake should not be able to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in a matter of seconds.

“If that’s all it took to bring down ¾ of the warehouse, then the problem lies in the shelves, not the worker.”

What do you think? Was the problem with the forklift driver or the warehouse’s shelving?