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The Girl Who Convinced Her Boyfriend To Kill Himself Has Just Found Out Her Fate

Without a doubt, Conrad Roy was a normal New England kid. He grew up in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts and worked at his family’s blue-collar business, Tucker-Roy Marine Towing and Salvage. And much like many teenagers these days, Conrad Roy suffered from anxiety and depression. He felt so bad that he started contemplating suicide, and when he told his girlfriend about his feelings, she urged him to go through with it – so he killed himself.

Although Conrad Roy had been struggling with his emotions, he appeared “normal” to everyone else. He was an honor roll student and a talented athlete. He ran track, rowed crew, and played on the baseball team. He even earned his captain’s license after three months of night classes at the Northeast Maritime Institute.

While everyone thought he was doing fine, Conrad Roy was suffering. And the person he told all the details to was his girlfriend. Instead of offering the support he needed, she encouraged him to commit suicide, which he did on July 13, 2014. He was only eighteen-years-old at the time. He died in a Kmart parking lot after he used a water pump and a generator to fill his truck with poisoning carbon monoxide fumes.

At one point during the suicide, he left the vehicle, but his girlfriend urged him to “get back in.” He listened to her, and now he’s dead.

Conrad Roy’s former girlfriend, 22-year-old Michelle Carter finally got the sentence she deserved. After being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter on June 16, 2017, by Judge Lawrence Moniz, she filed an appeal and remained free from prison.

Nevertheless, it did not work. Carter’s sentence was finalized. She was sentenced to 30-months in prison and must serve a minimum of fifteen months.

Her legal team was outraged because they argued that the ruling of involuntary manslaughter by way of text messages that encouraged Conrad Roy to kill himself was unlawful. The law decided that she was guilty and has to serve her time.

“The evidence against the defendant proved that, by her wanton or reckless conduct, she caused the victim’s death by suicide,” the ruling, which is 33-pages long, states. “Her conviction of involuntary manslaughter as a youthful offender is not legally or constitutionally infirm. The judgment is therefore affirmed.”

The reason that her punishment stood was that as Conrad Roy reconsidered taking his life, Carter urged him to go through with it.

Justice Scott Kafker wrote in the Supreme Judicial Court ruling, “And then after she convinced him to get back into the carbon monoxide filled truck, she did absolutely nothing to help him. She did not call for help or tell him to get out of the truck as she listened to him choke and die.”

Carter used text messages and phone calls to help her boyfriend commit suicide.

She wrote, “You keep pushing it off and say you’ll do it, but U never do. It’s always gonna be that way if U don’t take action.”

Now that she will be spending time in prison, Conrad Roy’s family feels better. His grandmother Janice said: “It feels like there is closure.”

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