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The Guards Stood In Awe When All The Prisoners Lined Up. Then, They Started Moving

Although prisoners live their lives behind bars, life does not stop for them. With organizations like Books Through Bars, inmates can expand their lives and improve their post-prison prospects by educating themselves and improving their lot in life. Education goes a long way to rehabilitating people convicted of crimes because it helps them do something better with their lives when it is time for them to be released back into the free world.

Inmates fill their time in jail doing all sorts of things. Sometimes they read, other times they exercise, but at one prison in Southeast Asia, the inmates dance. As the video at the end of this article illustrates, the inmates, along with the support of the prison guards, organized a large dance routine to one of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits that is sure to knock you off your feet. Their dance routine is so impressive that you’re not going to know what hit you.

While these prisoners prove that life behind bars can be fruitful and filled with purpose, this dance might make it seem rosier than it truly is. That’s why some of the great recording artists of all time, including Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash, visited prisons to entertain the inmates and give them a beacon of hope during their time of imprisonment.

Michael Jackson did perform at a prison once during his career. He filmed the music video for They Don’t Care About Us inside a prison and allowed real-life prisoners to make appearances in the video.

In the wake of Michael Jackson’s tragic death, some of the people who worked with him have visited prisons to spread positivity. These people include Travis Payne, who was Michael Jackson’s choreographer. Two dancers who worked with Michael Jackson, Daniel Celebre and Dres Reid, also visited prisons to teach skills that could improve the lives of the inmates.

Following the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, the trio of dancers visited the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines. During their stint at that facility, the dancer taught the inmates the dance routine to one of Michael Jackson’s most famous songs. It was a performance that could have been worthy of one of Jackson’s legendary live performances. The final performance was caught on video and made great entertainment for anyone looking to enjoy five minutes of content.

The performance begins with an announcer ordering the uniformed inmates to stand in line. The disciplined men take their positions and stand in formation in the prison yard. When the familiar music starts to play, the inmates begin stamping their feet in time to the song.

The inmates prove that they’re talented. They’re in sync with the music and with each other. Not one inmate is out of time with the others, which is a challenging thing to accomplish for professional dancers, let alone inmates at a detention and rehabilitation center in Southeast Asia.

Take a few minutes to watch this impressive performance from these prison inmates. You’ll be delighted to see how good they are.

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