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The High School Football Team Had An “Oreo Race” And Parents Think They Should Be Punished

During high school, kids do all sorts of things to bond. And when students are on a sports team, they can get very close through activities. But sometimes these activities become a “bit too” extreme and roam into the territory of hazing. That’s what happened in Illinois at the Byron High School. After careful consideration, the school administrators came to a decision around what happened, and many parents are outraged.

Ten football players on the high school team engaged in a strange “Orea Run.” When parents and school administrators learned the details about what these football players did, they cocked their head and couldn’t believe it. These boys all stripped down and held Oreo cookies between their buttocks and ran around.

Parents worried that the boys were forced to engage in the embarrassing act. But the boys vowed they all did it on the own free will. It took the administrators more than thirty interviews, according to the Rockford Register Star. The administrators went into depth with the coaches and players. And after getting all the details from the people involved, they decided that the players put the Oreos in their behinds on their own free will. Why? That’s a different story. But the administrators said it was not a hazing incident.

You might remember the cookie race from Blue Mountain State. The Oreo Race meant that the high school players had to put the chocolate-flavored cookie with the cream filling between the cheeks on their backsides. Then the players had to run around the football field with the cookies pressed tightly to their skin. Since it was a race, there were winners and losers, and it is also possible that the football team made the losers of the race do the unthinkable to the winners’ cookies.

Ten players received disciplinary action because of the event.

The school issued a report after the controversial Oreo race was discovered. Byron Superintendent Buster Barton (pictured below) siad it was not hazing but just boys being boys.

“The players were suspended for indecent exposure and forced to sit out of games on November 10, 17, and 23, the last of which was the Class 3A state championship game, documents obtained by the Register Star through the Freedom of Information Act show. In a letter sent to parents about the discipline, the district said the run happened October 26, and school officials learned of it on November 8. Parents were called the next day.”

Someone shared a letter to the Rockford Register Star that was sent to players who were disciplined because they ran around naked with Oreos in their behinds.

Sean Considine, a volunteer assistant, and former NFL player was happy that the boys did not get in more trouble for the incident which was questioned as hazing.

“There was no thought given to the football season, wins or losses, who are the stars and who’s not, in this entire thing,” Considine said. “It was dealt with using an iron fist, and I will stand by all of it.”

Considine means that the school took the Oreo race incident seriously and punished the students accordingly.

The coach (pictured) did not want to comment on his players’ oreo race.