The Internet Is Going Crazy After Watching These Puppies Explore A Pool For The First Time : AWM

The Internet Is Going Crazy After Watching These Puppies Explore A Pool For The First Time

It’s time for your daily dose of cute! Everyone knows that one of the most adorable things on the internet is puppies, but how do you take that cuteness to the next level? This video of puppies exploring a pool for the first time ought to do the trick, as a litter of rambunctious golden retriever puppies get their swim on and have the time of their young lives.

With little dogs, you never quite know what their reaction will be to being put in water for the first time, but with retrievers you can likely guess that all will go pretty smoothly. They’re naturals at swimming, after all.

The owner took the eight puppies to Rummy’s Beach Club and as soon as they saw the water, they were crazy excited, barking and looking every bit like little kids who can’t wait to hit up the pool.

But first, a bit of caution, as they race around poolside trying to figure out the best approach to actually getting in. One of the braver pups took the plunge right away without much hesitation, then expertly swam, but others had to feel their way into the water. Some sniffed their now wet sibling to see if everything with the situation checked out.

Others sniffed the water, appearing a little nervous about making the leap, and still others decided that it was finally their time to give it a whirl. Once in, there’s always the challenge of how to get back out, as their owner says, “Oh my goodness!” as one tries to make sense of the exit. He stands looking confused, with his front paws on the edge of the pool and his back legs still in the water.

Among those who commented on the video were those who couldn’t get over the adorable scene, with comments like: “What lucky puppies to have their own pool for the day,” “if you cant smile at least ONCE in this video, there is something wrong with you,” and “The level of cuteness in this video is too damn high.”

While one person noted: “everytime she says “weeeee,” I crack up laughing hahaha,” others remarked about how high pitched her tone in the video is. Another person cleared that up, explaining: “For those who are saying the woman’s voice is annoying you need to realize that it’s actually really important to encourage the pups the way she did. Dogs and puppies respond positively when we speak in a higher tone to encourage them. If you use a harsh, lower tone it sounds like scolding.”

The commenter added: “Also, for the puppies who jumped right into the water, it could be a sudden shock and they may forever be scared of water unless we give them a sound of encouragement to let them know everything is OK. Similar to human toddlers, if they fall they will probably cry but if you let them process it for a few seconds (those terrifying seconds of deep breaths before the wailing) and suddenly hold them and smile saying “Yay!” it most often (if it’s a small tumble with no injury) smile back and not react with crying… Long story short, encourage happily to let the pups adjust in a positive way.”