When Josie Desgrand was bullied about her weight, she decided to take a new approach to eating and health, losing an amazing 132 pounds over the course of two years. After classmates teased her when she tipped the scales at 279 pounds, they couldn’t believe her insane weight loss, as she fit into a figure-hugging formal dress and looked amazing.

Josie credits a new outlook about food and her commitment to the journey, both of which paid off in a huge way. She posted side-by-side before and after images her Instagram account, explaining: “This is my journey to a healthier & fitter me. I’m 18 years old and currently weigh in at 60kgs with a height of 174cm. 2 years ago I weighed 127kgs and decided to change my life. I stuck to a low carb, no sugar diet for TWO WHOLE years. I began to eat natural sugars about six months into my journey. In the first 12 months, I lost 63kgs.”

She continued: “I do not see this as a diet to lose weight, I see this as my new lifestyle change. In these two years, I have faced some very difficult challenges but I have chosen to pick myself up and keep moving. Everybody has bad days, never let a stumble be the end of your journey. Stay positive.”

Her inspirational Instagram account includes more photos of her transformation and words of encouragement and positivity, as she captioned one photo: “Make time for it. Just get it done. Nobody ever got in shape by thinking about it, just do it! You’ve got this.”

The caption of another transformation side-by-side photo post shares: “You really can lose the weight. It’s certainly not easy, but definitely not impossible. The only thing really holding you back is you!”

In another photo caption, Josie talked about how her shift in thinking made such a huge impact, explaining: “It’s crazy how much my body and mind have changed. I would previously dread going on these so-called ‘diets.’ I really wanted to be slim but eating only healthy food and starving myself was it really worth it? I didn’t think so back in the day and that’s why all my diets failed in the past because I’d just give in.”

She added: “I wasn’t mentally strong enough to say NO to bad decisions!! BUT my mind has changed completely. I don’t want to touch a single piece of chocolate again in my life! That’s my choice. Living a healthy lifestyle is the best decision I have ever made.”

Her Instagram account has earned Josie plenty of fans who look to her for inspiration and healthy living tips. She recently created an online meal planner to help others on their own journeys. Her planner lays out the meals she ate the first few months of her healthy change, as she told Daily Mail Australia: “I don’t see it as a diet now, I see it as a lifestyle. The first two weeks of eating healthy were so difficult but now it’s easy for me.”

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