The Kids On The Bus Were Being Unruly, So The Driver Pulled Over. Then A Mom Started Throwing Punches : AWM

The Kids On The Bus Were Being Unruly, So The Driver Pulled Over. Then A Mom Started Throwing Punches

When the school bus driver stopped the bus because kids were getting out of hand, they quickly learned the unruly kids were the least of their concerns. The 70-year-old bus driver found that mother Brandi Martin was not going to stand for the way the bus driver pulled the vehicle over to another location. She launched into an attack of the senior citizen, threatening his life and knocking him into a dangerous situation.

A video shows the incident happening after Martin got upset about the bus driver moving the location of the bus stop. The mother has since been arrested for starting the fight with the elderly bus driver. That’s why Denver Police ushered a probable cause statement concerning their reasons for arrested the concerned mother. Because the bus driver claimed to have to pull over because the children were getting “unruly,” the parents had to go to a different spot than planned to pick the children up.

Since Martin had planned to pick her child up at the determined spot, it was very inconvenient for her to go to the new location the senior bus driver determined was better.

In the video, the bus driver is shown refusing the let the children off the bus. While parents are gathered in the back of the vehicle, the bus driver denies the children their freedom, holding them hostage because of their so-called “unruly” behavior.

One parent who witnessed the event, Qaedah Perron, called 911 because of what the bus driver was doing to the children. Perron watched as Martin climbed onto the bus to try and get her daughter off the vehicle. However, the bus driver refused, and that’s when things took a turn for the worst.

Perron saw the bus driver start the fight, which forced Martin into a defensive position. According to the eye-witness and the video footage, it appears that Martin was defending herself from the attack instigated by the bus driver.

Although witnesses at the scene defended Martin, police have sided with the school bus driver. The probable cause statement for her arrest from the Denver police claims that Martin “repeatedly struck the victim in the face with a closed fist.”

After the fight, the bus driver was taken to the hospital where he was treated for injuries to the face.

Although the incident took place on Wednesday, it has been circulated far and wide across social media. It only took Denver Public Schools a single day to launch an investigation into the behavior caught on film.

Following the brawl on the school bus, both the bus driver and the paraprofessional on the bus were placed on administrative leave. However, the extent that the paraprofessional engaged in the brawl has not been announced.

Deputy Superintendent of operations at DPS Mark Ferrandino said, “We don’t want situations to get to this level. Staff needs to understand how do you make sure you get control, get things de-escalated, so it doesn’t rise to what we saw on the Facebook video… We want to make sure that our students are cared for and feel safe.”

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