Now that new moms are in their early twenties, they grew up steeped in the internet and technology. Because these moms basically live their lives on social media, they are eager to impress their friends from afar. Being part of a community online matters a lot to some of these moms, so they are eager to do what they can to impress people who don’t matter to their lives even if it comes at the expense of their baby’s comfort and happiness.

Critics of the new TikTok video challenge are calling the mastermind moms behind them cruel. These moms are waterboarding their babies to gain attention online. Well, waterboarding might be a bit harsh of a way to describe what is happening in these social media videos, but these moms are not far off. Instead, these moms are dumping water on top of their babies’ heads to get a reaction and rack up likes and shares on the Chinese-created social media app.

In these videos, the mom pretends to get startled while drinking water and “accidentally” dump the bottle on top of their babies’ heads. While moms cannot constantly control their babies – little human beings can be notorious for failing to listen to the adults responsible for their lives – these mothers try their best to dump the bottle of water onto their babies and cover their little heads in liquid. That’s why some people are calling these moms cruel for dousing their babies with water to gain attention online from the anonymous internet community.

Last week, TikTok addict Mikayla Matthews decided to sacrifice her baby so she could participate in the “hot” internet challenge. Although after dumping water onto her baby’s head, resulting in a fit, Matthews admitted that she felt bad about doing it for fame.

“I’m never doing a TikTok trend again,” she wrote. “I felt so bad.”

While Matthews didn’t feel good making her baby choke on the water, other moms like Morgan Johnson were happy to get so much attention from the TikTok video trend. Fortunately for this mom, her baby loved the water challenge and had a great time with it.

“Awww bubba was not impressed,” wrote one user in the comments.

Another person interpreted the video completely differently.

“Poor little girl got really scared!” added another.

While critics lashed out at her like a demon, Morgan wanted people to see that she was just having fun with her child.

“No babies were harmed in the making of this video,” she wrote and mentioned that her daughter laughed after the prank.

Although moms are eager to gain fame by dumping water onto their babies, other people are eager to see more videos. One woman named Vi Chan admitted that watching moms douse their babies in water has her eager for more.

“I feel bad for thinking this trend is funny,” wrote Vi Chan in her TikTok video.

Chan dumped water onto her son and forced him to throw up.

“Omg! He’s like, ‘What the heck, Mommy!’” wrote one user.

Another wrote, “Awww he started crying.”

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