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The Man Who Threw Lit Fireworks Under A 9-Year-Old’s Bed Said It Was Just A Prank

Fourth of July is the time of the year when Americans get out of their houses to celebrate Independence Day. On July 4, 1776, the original thirteen colonies declared their independence from England. It was a bold move that resulted in the Revolutionary War that lasted for years and cost many lives. Although the signing of the Declaration of Independence was a noble act, July 4th in America today is little more than an excuse for people to drink lots of beer, grill hotdogs, and burgers, and launch dangerous fireworks into the sky.

One Florida dad took the Fourth of July spirit much too far when he decided to make a nine-year-old girl the butt of a practical joke, involving the wrong end of a firework.

44-year-old Matthew Morrison has been arrested and charged with child cruelty after he lit a firework and threw it under the child’s bed. Morrison was living the “good life” from a tent on the property where the nine-year-old girl also lived.

It was Saturday night, and Morrison could not stop thinking about the nine-year-old girl. That’s when he decided to sneak into the family’s house without permission and set off a bunch of firecrackers that he subsequently tossed under the sleeping girl’s bed. Morrison watched with glee as the “prank gone wrong” forced the girl out of her sleep, made her scream and resulted with him getting chased off the property with a stick by the enraged homeowner.

Since the incident of child cruelty, the homeowner banned Morrison from living on the property.

Although the little girl did not get hurt during the surprise attack, she was “terrified” and was left crying and shaking in the wake of the incident of cruelty.

Morrison did not know the homeowner whose property he was using to live on. Instead of the homeowner simply allowed Morrison, the bum, to pitch his tent on the property as a favor to an “acquaintance.”

While he was on the property, Morrison became obsessed with the nine-year-old girl. So he decided to steal into the home without permission late at night and watch her while she slept. Not only was he watching her, he decided to use the firecrackers as a “prank” to get her to wake up, so he could see the look of tortured horror on her face as the loud explosions went off under her bed.

Neighbors doubted that Morrison was really trying to prank the underage girl.

“I’m not sure what he was trying to accomplish,” a neighbor told Fox News. “The prank thing didn’t really sound like it was a legitimate reason.”

Does that mean the police also need to look into whether he should be charged with attempted child molestation?

The neighbor called the whole incident, “a strange deal,” which is certainly what most people believe as well.

Officers arrived on the scene and promptly arrested Morrison. Not only did they find him in a crazed state, but they also found two grams of methamphetamine on his person.

Besides the child cruelty charge, the police slammed him with burglary and possession of methamphetamine.

Based on his mugshot, he’s not happy about the potential prison time.

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