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The Man Who Was Caught Stealing Young Girl’s Bodies From Their Graves Is Now Allowed To Walk Free

Some people live a completely different type of life than others. While “normal” society encourages people to get a job, buy a house, get married, have kids, and contribute to the economic cycle of the United States, some people manage to live an existence outside of societal norms. Because their lives are so different than what the majority know or can even understand, these outliers are often unnoticed and left alone, but when their actions start affecting other people, it becomes clear that their lives are anything but inoffensive.

One man was arrested because he stole 29 corpses of little girls from the cemetery. The man took the decaying bodies from their graves and then “dolled” them up with knee-high boots and lipstick. The Russian man wanted to add to his “collection” of mummified little girl corpses.

When he was caught, 52-year-old Anatoly Moskvin was found with 29 mummified corpses in his property. He stole them from graves and mummified them so their bodies would be preserved for much longer. He also used wax to turn the people’s dead bodies into “dolls” so he could collect as many as possible.

Moskvin was found guilty and sentenced to a long time in a psychiatric hospital. However, this past December the Russian government decided to free him despite no clear indication that he has been cured. Because the hospital order “expired,” Russian officials thought that was as good a reason as any to let Moskvin free to roam the streets – and the cemeteries of Russia.

Although the psychiatrist claim he was cured, and suggested outpatient services for him – they reversed that decision because they realized he is incurable. The psychiatrists wanted the government to have them hold the man indefinitely. However, Putin’s regime did not issue the order, so Moskvin was set loose onto the streets of Russia with complete freedom to do what he wants.

Before the body snatcher was captured and detained in 2011, he pursued his passion of robbing graves and dressing the corpses of little girls up as his dolls. Not only did he cover their faces with lipstick, but he also shoved music boxes into their ribcages. He also hosted “parties” for each of the corpses on their birthdays.

When he was caught, Moskvin begged the Russian police “not to rebury the girls too deeply because I will gather them again when I am free.” It is unclear whether or not the Russian police obeyed the mentally deranged man’s order or not.

Parents of his victims called Moskvin “evil.”

He told the parents, “You abandoned your girls in the cold, and I brought them home and warmed them up.”

His victims were all between the age of three and twelve. Their parents vehemently objected to Russia’s decision to free the “evil” man from psychiatric hold.

46-year-old Natalia Chardymova was the mother of one of Moskvin’s “dolls.” Her daughter Olga was murdered at age 10 and buried in 2002. Moskvin excavated her grave and added Olga to his collection.

“He is incurable,” Natalia said. “If he is released, he cannot be treated property as an outpatient. He will just stop taking pills, and at some stage, he will return to his sinister actions as he has promised to do.”

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