The Media Is Now Pressuring Elizabeth Warren To Take A Test To See If She’s Telling The Truth : AWM

The Media Is Now Pressuring Elizabeth Warren To Take A Test To See If She’s Telling The Truth

Senator Elizabeth Warren is not shy about her Native American heritage. She attends Native American events and advocates for rights. But because she looks white, some people do not believe that she has any Native American blood. That’s why a Massachusetts newspaper called The Berkshire Eagle has proposed a challenge to their Senator – they want her to take a genetic DNA test to prove that she has Native American heritage.

If she does it, they say, the debate will be resolved once and for all.

The local paper called Warren a “tireless champion of consumer rights, banking reform and socially liberal issues.” And they said that Warren supporters are die-hard fans and conservative opponents use her as a “convenient lightning rod” for their cause.

The paper admits that Warren’s main issue is her claim that she is Native America, which many people do not believe. As Trump accused Barack Obama of not being born in America, these same critics are claiming Warren is not Native American.

“Since the news of her background came out, rather than renounce her claim, she has taken the course of fully embracing it,” the Massachusetts paper wrote. “(She has been) championing native causes, speaking to native groups of their pride and deriding their treatment at the hands of the U.S. government.”

The paper applauds Warren for her continued fight against social inequality and her advocacy for the working class. But it points out that her “awkward attempt” to push her Native American identity has not worked to “right historic wrongs” but only cast doubt on her true heritage.

The paper knows that her critics will not let the “Native American question” to stop unless they have proof that she is indeed who she claims to be. Just as the birthers did for President Obama.

The paper argued that it did not matter if Elizabeth Warren had Native American heritage or not, but just taking a genetic test would be a “plus.”

“No matter if the test came up negative or positive, it would constitute a plus for Warren and her political hopes.”

If she proves she has the Native American heritage, she would effectively be “shutting down” President Trump’s argument. And if it proves she does not have any Native heritage, then Warren could “perform an act rarely seen among politicians: an admission of her error and full-throated apology to Native American tribes and anyone else offended by her spurious claim.”

The paper argued that if she owned up to the truth of her heritage, she would “disarm” her opponents and show voters that she is a human being.

“Handled properly, it could become a testimonial to her integrity and truthfulness at a time when that quality is in short supply among the nation’s leadership,” the paper published.

If Warren has already taken the test, the paper pleads with her to publish the results and put an end to her “Achilles’ heel.”

Do you agree that Warren should take a DNA test to prove she is Native American?