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The Mom Who Left Her Baby To Die In A Hot Car At The Mall Was Charged Today

When Dawn Aberson Vanden-Broecke learned that the state would pay her to take in a foster child, she jumped at the opportunity to get the extra check. Her intentions for taking in her foster son were thrown into question when she showed up to work at Lowes on August 29, only to leave the tiny child in the car while she clocked in for the job.

It is unclear how long Dawn left the foster son in the hot car. However, she called 911 at 5 pm, but by that time, it was too late. Dawn’s foster son had died from the excessive heat in the car, and there was no way for rescue workers to revive him.

On Tuesday, September 3, Dawn was charged with involuntary manslaughter for the death of the toddler. Dawn, 42, left her baby boy in the hot car while she went inside the Lowes. The hardware store was located inside a shopping center in Pineville, North Carolina, and Dawn likely forgot that she had the baby in the vehicle while she dashed into her shift, frazzled and ready to serve customers.

However, temperatures soared into the 80s on that hot August day. The boy was stuck in the scorched car while his foster mother worked her job. Because the temperatures got so hot, the boy died in the car, and there was nothing rescuers could do to bring him back to life.

Dawn has not yet admitted how long she left the baby in the car. However, she called 911 to report the accident at 5 pm. However, the emergency dispatcher told the ambulance that the mother said she had left the baby in the hot car “all day.” When rescuer workers heard that, they knew that it was unlikely that he would ever be able to survive – especially summer heat in North Carolina.

This incident is clearly a mistake. Parents have been doing similar things throughout the summer of 2019. They pull their cars into parking garages or parking lots and simply forget that their baby is trapped in the car seat in the back. Perhaps, they think they dropped the baby off at daycare, or they simply don’t remember that he or she is back there since they’re sleeping. Either way, these frazzled parents rush to do their job only to remember at the end of the day that they forgot their baby and subjected them to the torture of the hot car.

This particular incident has sparked a lot of conversation among readers at Daily Mail. The following are a few thoughts.

“I don’t know if this has any truth to it or not, but I feel like people maybe are starting to do this because people have gotten off in the past for doing the same thing. I’m not saying it’s like that in all cases, but it seems kind of suspicious.”

“How can someone leave a baby or a child in a car? I don’t understand unless you did it on purpose. I don’t get it. It blows my mind.”

What’s your reaction to this hot-car case?

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