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The Moment This Senior Dog Realizes His Owner Is Back From Deployment Had Me Drying Tears

Everyone knows that dogs are loyal to their owners. Despite this common knowledge, watching a video of a dog displaying its undying affection for its human will always bring a smile to our face. However, this video takes that to a whole new level. Not only do we get to watch a senior dog show his owner just how much he loves her, but we get to watch a military woman return home to the dog’s unflinching love for her.

In the video, you’ll watch the heartfelt moment that Army Private Hannah Foraker return home from basic training to be greeted by her 13-year-old Golden Retriever, Buddy. And while we already know that a dog’s love for his owner is strong, what you’ll see in this video will bring tears to your eyes. It has everyone who watches it warmed in the heart.

Watching Buddy display his love and affection for Hannah will certainly bring a smile to your face if not tears to your eyes. So if you have a propensity to tear up at happy moments, grab the tissues because you’re going to need an entire box.

Hannah has spent the majority of her life with Buddy. She is only 21 and Buddy is thirteen. That means that Buddy entered her life when she was just about eight-years-old. Buddy and Hannah grew up together in other words. No wonder they’ve formed such a lasting and adoring friendship. They’re family.

After her intensive training, Hannah returned home and was, of course, happy to see her family, but was really excited to see Buddy. Hannah could see Buddy right from the jump, but the elderly dog, who suffers from hearing impairment and bad eyes, did not notice Hannah right away. But as soon as the senior dog noticed that the solder approaching was Hannah, it was as if Buddy was a puppy all over again. His excitement at her homecoming could not be contained, not even for a moment.

Once he recognized her, Hannah and Buddy hug each other. And then they go in for a “kiss.” Buddy, without a doubt, just wanted to bask in his beloved friend and owner’s presence. He was so glad to have her home from basic training with the United States Army. And Hannah was so happy to be home with Buddy.

At thirteen-years-old, Buddy might not have much longer to live. That’s why moments like this one between him and Hannah are so important. She wants to be showered with his love as long as he can give it, and wants to return the favor just the same. They’re a match made in heaven and a pair of best friends like nowhere else.

Because Buddy has reached this stage in his life, he no longer can travel far. That means if Hannah is called away for active duty or just gets stationed at a base a few hundred miles away, Buddy will have to stay home when the rest of the family visits.

These moments are precious.

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