The Neighbors Were Tired Of Teens Throwing Parties, So They Took The Law Into Their Own Hands : AWM

The Neighbors Were Tired Of Teens Throwing Parties, So They Took The Law Into Their Own Hands

In New York City, teenagers advertised a basement party on social media. While they thought it was just going to attract a few of their friends, they realized after the fact that the ad gathered far more people than ever planned or accounted for. At the end of the day, 300 people showed up to party their hearts out at the basement of the apartment building – and when neighbors realized the teens weren’t going anywhere, they poured jugs of ACID down on the youths scalding them with the dangerous liquid.

The acid burned ten victims who were between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. They reported to the hospital with burns on their skin as well as irritation from splash back from the acid.

The chemical, which is thought to have been goopy drain cleaner, was dropped from a man in the higher floors living at the same apartment building in New York’s East Village neighborhood.

Although residents called the police to complain about the noisy event, the upstairs resident thought that pouring acid on the youngsters would be far more effective.

Because the upstairs neighbor poured the caustic substance on the teenagers, as well as a jug of white paint, authorities have gotten involved. The victims included six young girls and four boys. They had been gathered in the building’s courtyard waiting to pay their $10 admission fee to get into the basement party for teens.

One of the partygoer’s mothers, Valerie Vail spoke to The New York Times in the wake of the attack from above. Her daughter attended high school as a sophomore in Brooklyn and had been excited to spend her money to get into the exclusive party in the East Village. However, the evil resident in the upstairs apartment tossed acid on the teenage girl and caused coin-sized burns on the child’s body.

“We are shocked,” Vail said. “I try to teach my kid to be resilient, but it’s also traumatic and upsetting (when someone assaults you).”

Although residents called the police before pouring acid on the crowd of teenagers, the police were unable to get there and break up the party before the upstairs neighbor dumped his load of caustic material onto the youths.

Although the organizer of the party was set to make about $3,000 from the event, it is said that he did not live in the building. He was simply using the space. Similarly, the tenants’ association president of the building Heyward Walker did not rent out space.

Vail said, “A lot of kids were afraid to tell their parents and have not had help yet. They’re just scared.”

The event allegedly started at 10 pm, which is late for the residents of the East Village apartment building. They called the police then.

Chaz Roasio, 30, lives on the fourth floor – and claims he is not the one who dumped the acid – “I heard a huge ruckus, and when I looked out the window I saw a ton of kids below. I hadn’t seen anything like that here before. I didn’t know what was going on.”

Police are now hunting for the East Village acid dumper.

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