Walmart has made headlines in recent months for pushing the envelope on technology. They plan to introduce a fleet of robot janitors so they can take hundreds of humans off the payroll. Not only that, but they also want to put smart carts into stores that track customer heart rates and movements so they can increase sales. With these carts, Walmart will learn a lot about their customers and be better equipped to sell more product from their shelves.

Although Walmart is notoriously focused on its bottom line, it also has proven that it wants to help people too. In Texas, Walmart launched a mental health clinic that customers would be able to access before or after they shop. The clinic, just like the eye shop or the hair salon would be accessible at the front of the store near the cash registers.

Not only will Walmart’s new offering help people with their mental health issues, but it also provides greater access to services that are sometimes out of reach for people. Besides creating easier access to trained professionals, Texas Walmart shoppers will also get great prices on expensive services through Beacon Health Options, a behavioral health company based in Boston, Massachusetts.

The mental health services company just leased space inside of a Walmart in Carrollton, Texas where they hope to help people face trauma and fight depression.

So you are clear, Walmart does not run the mental health clinic. They just leased space in their store to Beacon Health Options to do so. Nevertheless, the move to allow the mental health clinic in the Walmart location is an unprecedented challenge to the stigma people with mental health conditions face every day.

The licensed mental health professional who will be staffed in the Carrollton Walmart location will help patients by appointment. People need to call in or make one online, or they could just walk in and get seen.

After the patient enters the health facility, the professional will conduct an assessment. This is standard practice in the mental health field. Once the professional complete that assessment, he or she will be able to determine the proper course of treatment.

Patients will have access to talk therapy to help conditions like depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. Just think how easy it would be to get treated. You can have your session before your weekly shopping session at Walmart. If you’re already shopping at the store, it couldn’t be easier to get treatment.

The clinic cannot give prescriptions. But if one is needed, they will provide the patient with a referral to a psychiatrist.

Beacon Health Options chose the Carrollton Walmart because the area does not have much mental health help for people. They hope the convenient location will make it easier for people, including veterans, to get treatment depression or PTSD.

The President and CEO of Beacon Health Options, Russell Petrella, said, “Having it available in a setting like this provides opportunities for people to reach out and get care in a comfortable place.”

What do you think about a mental health clinic opening up at a Texas Walmart?

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