In 2019, one of the stars from Pawn Stars has passed away. You probably remember Richard Harrison as the “old man” from the reality television show. But now that Harrison has passed away, it has been revealed that his will was not as inclusive as some people might have suspected. That’s because the Old Man left out one of his children in his will, which means that not all of his wealth was shared equally among the children in his family.

As the original founder of the Las Vegas pawn shop, he was instrumental in getting the television show Pawn Stars on the air. Because of the reputation that his pawn shop has made on the market, fans and audiences are enthralled with what the family has created.

But now that Harrison has passed away, he has made it abundantly clear that he does not think of all his children equally. While other families claim that they love all children equally when it came to Harrison, he wasn’t afraid to say that he loved some more than others.

The television show started when two producers from the History channel happened to enter Harrison’s Las Vegas pawn shop by accident. It was the luck of the draw as they say. And when they realized that the style of the store was perfect for their channel, they immediately started seeing dollar signs. Because they knew that viewers of the History channel would like what Harrison had built over the years and that they could get a behind-the-scenes gander into what life was like as a pawn shop broker, the producers could not resist. They propositioned Harrison and his son Rick about using their family business as the setting of the reality television show. And from that chance meeting, Pawn Stars was born.

Because the business was run by the family, it stood like a sore thumb from the other pawn shops in Las Vegas. While the other shops were trying to swindle their customers out of their precious belongings, the Harrisons’ pawn shop was trying to do that with the whole family while making it seem like they were giving everyone the best deal possible.

Richard Harrison was born back in 1941. He served in the United States Navy and risked his life proudly in service of the United States. And that helped endear the people of Las Vegas to him as he opened his pawn shop and got people out and about buying and selling valuable items.

However, Harrison did not enlist in the Navy by his own decision. He has amassed a number of crimes, including car theft, and was given the option to serve in the Navy to be forgiven for his crimes. And when he got out of the Navy, Harrison was strapped for cash. He started buying and selling gold and silver. After a number of years, the pawn shop started to pick up, and he enlisted his eldest son Rick to help him make it a success.

For years, Richard was Rick’s hero. The two shared a close connection, and Rick always learned a lot from the Old Man. And when Richard Harrison passed away in June 2019, it was a tragic loss for the family. Then one son was left out of the will.

“I would like to express my love and affection for Christopher Keith Harrison; however, for purposes of this Will, I have intentionally and with full knowledge failed to provide for him and his issue.”

The reason for this slap in the face is unknown.

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