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The Owner Of The Dog That Viciously Attacked The Mailman Finally Breaks Her Silence

When a dog started to attack a USPS letter carrier from Detroit, Michigan, it was a scene out of a nightmare. Neighbors and bystanders rushed to help the mailman free himself from the jaws of the vicious and aggressive canine who seemed to be thirsty only for blood and guts. The dog attack shook many locals to their core because they did not want ever to believe that there was such a violent creature living in their neighborhood.

Fortunately, the letter carrier was not seriously injured. He was hurt but is said to be in stable condition and recovering in good order. However, the owner of the dog was issued a ticket for not controlling the animal. Additionally, Detroit Animal Care and Control captured the ravenous dog and is waiting to see if it should be reunited with the careless owner.

One man came forward to speak about the dog and its owner. He said that the dog belonged to his aunt and was named Boss Hog. While the man was willing to tell everything he knew about the violent dog and the neglectful owner, he withheld his name – probably for fear of retribution from the owner herself.

“From what I know, basically is my cousin was leaving for work, and he slipped past him and ran outside,” he said.

The attack occurred along Ardmore Street, which is south of Eight Mile. The animal attack happened on Friday afternoon. In the video, you can see a brave neighbor trying to fight the ravenous dog off with a broom but fails to dissuade the animal much.

The man who was recording the video also gets involved. First, he uses a trash container that he tries to smash at the dog. Then he finds a spatula and a club and gets to wailing at the animal.

Despite all of this abuse, the dog continues its attack against the postal worker. The animal is filled with rage, having not received the love and attention it needed.

Suddenly, another man comes out and leashes the dog. At this point, the adrenaline stops coursing through the critter’s blood, and it seems to be subdued. However, it is visibly injured from all the abuse it received while attacking the mailman.

FOX 2 shared a video of neighbor Kim Arnold, who was just a few doors away from the attack.

“That’s bad,” said Kim Arnold. “And to know that it was on my street, that’s what makes it even worse.”

A volunteer from the Detroit Dog Rescue, Kristina Rinaldi, said that it is common to fight back during a dog attack, but it’s actually better to remain calm.

“You never want to scream, you never want to run or provoke that dog,” said Rinaldi. “If that dog wants to chase something, it is going to run after you. You are going to want to cover your ears and your head as much as you can. You will not want to flail around; you are not going to want to scream. I know it is going to be scary and it is going to be really hard. You want to stay as still and quiet as you can to make that dog redirect and not pay attention to you.”

The USPS thanks the brave people who came to the letter carrier’s defense.

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