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The Parents Of This Little Girl Lost Control When The Doctors And Nurses Lined The Halls And Started Singing

Although being a parent is the hardest thing a person can go through in life, it can be made even harder when things don’t go according to plan. Parents need to do so many things to make sure their little ones – car seats, vaccinations, bars on second-story windows – but it cannot stop the world from throwing a curveball, and when that happens, all parents can do is pray.

Although Coralynn Eve Sobolik’s parents did everything they could to protect their precious baby, she contracted a virus that quickly got to work hurting her. The unexpected illness stole away Cora’s life faster than doctors ever predicted and forced her parents to prepare for the worst-case scenario, which is something young parents never expect to do.

Although Cora was living with her parents in Iowa, the virus was taking its toll on the little girl. Doctors urged her parents to transfer Cora to the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, where she’d get the best care available to her.

However, Cora needed to be stabilized before she could make the trek to the Mayo Clinic. Doctors noticed that Cora was having trouble breathing. She had contracted parainfluenza and her parents, Meagan and Paul, were desperate to get her the help she needed.

While doctors worked to open up Cora’s airways so she could breathe better, they were unsuccessful. She died during the procedure and never made it to Mayo Clinic.

Although medical staff performed 25-minutes of CPR on the baby, she did not make it. Meanwhile, Meagan, Paul, and Cora’s grandparents watched. However, then, a miracle occurred. She was brought back and rushed to the hospital. But her heart was shown to be fine, a CAT scan showed she’d suffered brain damage and would never be the same.

Although she would be changed, her parents did not care. They just wanted their daughter to open her eyes, so they could kiss and hug her again. But the virus got worse, and they never got the chance. On Easter Sunday 2019, doctors told Cora’s parents their baby girl was brain dead. All hope was lost.

“I dropped to my knees and cried and kept saying, ‘No, no, no, God, no.’ I then felt numb and felt empty,” her mother said.

Although Cora had not survived, they saw the silver lining. They decided to donate her organs to help save the lives of other people. In that way, they knew that their daughter would live on forever.

“There is now no chance of our little girl recovering, but she is still with us and is in the process of organ donation. She became an angel today but tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon she will go into surgery and become a superhero and give the wonderful gift of life to up to eight different people that are in desperate need of these organs. We have tonight to be with Cora and will give her the most love we have ever given her yet.”

Her parents may have suffered the worst imaginable situation, but they loved her so much they wanted her to live in within others.

The hospital sent her off with a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace.

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