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The Pizza Looked Delicious, But Once I Found Out How It Was Made I Wanted To Throw Up

According to some futurists, the food of the future will be made from insects and other sustainable materials. The insect that has proven so far to be extremely versatile when it comes to transforming it from creepy crawly to delicious delights is the cricket. A pizza shop has decided to get ahead of the curve and start serving their pies using the newfangled ingredient – that’s right, this pizza shop serves their pizzas on the cricket-based dough.

With the support of pizza experts, scientists challenged people to make the pizza of the future. The challenge was for the pizza makers to build a pizza from the year 2039 – twenty years in the future. Will the food we eat be drastically different in twenty years? People believe so – just look at the dramatic changes the America diet has undergone in the last fifty years or so.

While the pizza in these pictures might look like an ordinary Margherita, it is anything but. On the contrary, the list of ingredients used to make this pizza pie is nothing short of incredible – and groundbreaking when it comes to crafting the food of the future. Because these pizza makers used cutting-edge food science and groundbreaking ingredients, you’ll be amazed at what you see.

The pizza featured in this story used the cricket-based dough, tomatoes are grown without soil and a nut-based cheese, making the food low-emission and sustainable for a green environment. Reporters at Daily Mail were offered an opportunity to taste the futuristic pizza pie and were very pleased. They loved the taste of the cricket dough and the soilless tomatoes.

As people start to realize that the global climate is a crisis of mass proportions, people are trying unique ways to lower their carbon footprint. Using crickets is an easy way to do that. Farming food hydroponically, with LED lights and high-tech grow chambers, is another way to do it. These “farms” can be stacked on top of each other, which means farming can go vertical rather than requiring large amounts of horizontal land as it has been since the dawn of modern civilization.

What exactly goes into the “pizza of the future?” According to the Daily Mail, the base is made from dough that consisted of ground cricket flour. The cheese is almond or coconut-based instead of being a dairy product. And the tomato sauce came from an LED hydroponic farm that uses its own bee colony for pollination. The chef also put a dash of algae oil to garnish the pizza of the future.

Tom Cheesewright, an “applied futurist,” said, “The Big Bang Pizza of the Future has been made using technology that is ready right now, but more big changes are on the way. We are just around the corner from commercially-available lab-grown meats and cheeses – and giant vertical farms supplying city supermarkets with salad leaves.”

The futurist added, “Your future pizza might be made from ingredients that have never seen the sun or (been) grazed in a field. And it might be 3D printed by a robot chef and then carefully charred around the edges by a laser grill.”

Would you try this cricket-based pizza of the future?

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