When an on-duty police officer pulled up to Burger King to grab a quick and filling meal, he never expected to become the victim of a hateful outburst. Officer Timo Rosenthal was stunned when he looked at the burger wrapper of his dinner order at the Clovis Burger King location and found it covered with an offensive drawing. The police officer, who knew how to deal with situations like this, snapped a picture of it immediately – capturing the evidence – and then shared the image online to show people how cops in Clovis are treated.

Because Officer Rosenthal had expected more from the residents of his New Mexico community, he was shocked by the drawing. That’s why he shared his disappointment with the greater world when he uploaded the picture along with the following words expressing his disappointment.

“This is totally wrong, and it’s not the way New Mexico should ever be.”

And because Officer Rosenthal is a respected member of the local police force, the image went viral and was picked up by several groups, which vow to protect and defend police officers.

The Burger King employee had drawn a crude image of a pig on the burger wrapper. Although Officer Rosenthal was eating a cow product, the employee falsely advertised the type of meat in the burger. But that’s not why they drew the image of the pig. They scrawled the pig face on the wrapper of the burger because they wanted to send an insulting message to the police officer who risked his life and limb to protect New Mexico.

To add insult to injury – or perhaps the other way around – Rosenthal’s burger did not even taste good. The patties were burnt to a crisp, and the person who made the burger seemed to have picked the worst possible ingredients out of the batch to concoct his dinner.

“They’re depicting a pig in the drawing,” one woman wrote as a comment to Officer Rosenthal’s Facebook post. “That’s derogatory.”

This woman was not the only person to feel outraged at the police officer’s Facebook post. Many other people joined on the outrage wagon and shared the following comments.

“I bet if you ran a check on everyone who laughed at this post, you’d find a ton of arrest warrants.”

“I’m so sorry that happened in my state,” one person wrote. “Thank you for your service.”

Burger King has taken swift disciplinary action against the people who drew the pig on the burger wrapper. Management found that it took five individuals to pull the prank, which has led to the termination of all five employees. They were fired as soon as the news story went viral, and people started talking about this incident across New Mexico and the rest of the country.

“I think that was excellent,” the woman added about Burger King firing its anti-cop employees. “Fire them on the spot.”

Officer Rosenthal will not be going back to that Burger King location.

Burger King has since issued a statement apologizing for the drawing and making it clear that the employees acted against Burger King’s rules.