Although he predicted the COVID-19 pandemic and Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 election, psychic Nicolas Aujula, 35, believes that anyone can predict the future. Because Aujula, who resides in London, taps into his sixth sense to read events that have yet to play out in the future, he claims that every person on the globe has access to this extrasensory power and can use it to find a better future.

“We all have this natural intuition. It’s just about fine-tuning it, and letting it flourish more,” Aujula told Daily Mail’s FEMAIL.

Aujula wholeheartedly believes that anyone can tap into this supernatural ability to lead a more personally fulfilling life. However, he claims that if a person is skeptical that they have this extrasensory ability, they’re going to struggle to reap its benefits. The ability is a muscle that needs to be strengthened day after day.

“It’s just that we are not all fully in sync with them,” the psychic told FEMAIL. “Children, for example, are highly psychic as they can sense spirits that many people dismiss as imaginary friends, but due to focus on logical development, they tend to lose their connection.”

Aujula added, “The more you flex your psychic muscle, the stronger it will get, so trusting the information you see is a huge key in allowing more effective accuracy.”

For those who do want to be more psychically aware, meditation is the first place to start. According to this psychic, it only takes 10 to 15 minutes per day for the benefits to start appearing.

“That is essential to quieten the logical side and awaken the intuitive side to flow more smoothly and quickly,” he said. “It will also raise your energetic vibrations. You’ll begin to feel more connected to your Higher Self and the energy of others. Being able to reach your inner center of calm will increase your psychic connection.”

Another tip to flex your psychic muscles is to begin visualizing places before you go there. If you’re able to see it before you arrive, you can start to strengthen your psychic abilities.

“See yourself like you are there in this new place, begin by sensing and seeing the bigger picture of where you are, and then focus on smaller details, such as objects, colors, and moods around you,” he said.

Another way to tap into your “inner psychic” is to scour your old family photos.

“Begin to feel their personality by asking what kind of person they were and noticing any emotions or behavioral traits,” he suggested. “Expand your awareness to focus on important life events that shaped their life, ask to be shown their occupation, and bring this person to life in your mind.”

Finally, your dreams can be a way into your sixth sense. Write them down every day.

“(A dream journal) allows you to keep track of your intuitive journey so that you can reflect and learn from it,” he said. “When we sleep, our logical is not resisting, so our intuitive abilities flow without questioning, which can reveal visions of events to come.”

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